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Dog Kennels For Sale in Indiana

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Looking for dog kennels for sale in Indiana? Explore our range of custom kennels designed for both commercial and residential purposes.

Luxury Dog Kennels For Sale in Indiana

Finding the ideal dog kennel for your pet or business can pose a challenge. You may encounter difficulty in finding the right size kennel or one equipped with the required features.

Whether you’re in need of a new facility for your dog boarding business or simply seeking a comfortable abode for your family pet, look no further! We offer dog kennels for sale in Indiana that cater to your needs and preferences.

Residential and Commercial Dog Kennels For Sale in Indiana

Features of Our Outdoor Dog Kennels for Sale in Indiana

dog kennel run- dog kennels for sale in Indiana

Kennel Floor Specs

  • Poly Decking on Runs
  • Pressure Treated Floor Joist
  • 11.5 Ga Chain-Link Panels
  • Plexiglass Dog Doors w/Stainless Edging
dog kennel features interior- dog kennels for sale in Indiana

Interior Finish Specs

  • Interiors Lined w/Glassboard
  • ⅝ Smartfloor Coated with Poly-Urea (Very Durable and Watertight)
  • Dividers On Inside Chain link or Optional Solid
8x20 insulated dog kennel for one dog- dog kennels for sale in Indiana

Climate Controlled

  • R-13 Batten Insulation In Walls & Ceilings
  • R-13 Closed Spray Cell Foam Insulation in Floor
  • A Cathedral Ceiling means your Dogs Feel Less Confined.
Boarding Dog Kennels For Sale in Indiana

Amber’s Dog Boarding Kennel in Halifax, PA

Amber operates a dog boarding kennel in Halifax, Pennsylvania, where she takes pleasure in boarding and grooming the dogs under her care. While Amber’s family initially constructed the first kennel for her business, they decided that a prefab kennel might be more suitable for their needs the second time around. Amber ensured that her new kennel had custom features tailored to meet her dogs’ requirements, making it the ideal fit for her business. Take a closer look at her complete

Our Dealers in Indiana

The Dog Kennel Collection, headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, specializes in constructing kennels and shipping them nationwide. Whether you’re located in Texas, California, or New York, we can design and deliver the perfect kennel right to your doorstep.

While our kennels are available for purchase through dealers across the United States, we currently do not have any dealers in Indiana. However, we have dealers in neighboring states, so there may be one in close proximity to your area. If you’re unsure about the nearest dealer or if there are any nearby, don’t fret! Simply click the “Find a Dealer” button and input your address, and we’ll help you locate the nearest dealer. If there are no dealers nearby, you can also collaborate directly with our national dealer, Horizon Structures, and we’ll ensure that you receive the kennel you need, regardless of your location in Indiana.

An Outdoor Dog Kennel Testimonial

We love our kennel! We rescued two Great Pyrenees that had separation anxiety and could get very destructive when left. Regular dog crates are just too small for them and get hot. They love their kennel, especially the air conditioning in Texas heat. We can leave them for several hours with complete peace of mind.

Cliff and Allyn Dukes

Dog Kennel Necessities

Appropriate Size

When looking for dog kennels for sale in Indiana, it’s important to consider several factors to make an informed choice. One of the key considerations is the size of the kennel. Kennels that are too small can lead to your dog feeling restless and unhappy, which can have negative effects on their emotional and physical well-being. It’s recommended to opt for a kennel that is at least twice the length and width of your dog to ensure they have enough space. Kennels with outdoor runs are particularly beneficial as they provide your dog with additional ro


Another aspect that is often overlooked is ensuring proper ventilation within the dog kennel. Poor ventilation can result in unpleasant odors and, in some instances, respiratory issues. It’s important to choose a kennel that is equipped with vents and windows to facilitate airflow. Some kennels offer customization options, allowing you to add extra ventilation features as required. Additionally, connecting an outdoor run to the kennel can further enhance your dog’s access to fresh air and promote better ventilation.

Security and Durability

How robust is your dog kennel or dog house? Durability is especially vital for breeds with more aggressive tendencies, like Rottweilers. Make sure that the kennel’s latches are secure and cannot be easily compromised and that the flooring is sturdy and resistant to damage. Assess the quality of the siding, as well as the feeding and watering bowls and the fencing enclosing your kennel. Opting for a durable kennel that will withstand wear and tear over time, rather than one that necessitates frequent replacement and repairs, is a smarter investment.

Easy Cleaning

Another consideration to think about is the ease of cleaning your kennel. How labor-intensive will it be to maintain its cleanliness? Ensuring cleanliness is vital, especially for commercial kennel businesses that must comply with regulations. Seek out features like an interior hose for convenient wash-downs or a wash basin within the kennel. Is the flooring easy to clean, and does it resist staining from chemical cleaners? These are all factors to consider when exploring dog kennels for sale in Indiana.

Outdoor Dog Kennel Regulations in Indiana

The regulations regarding your dog’s kennel can vary considerably depending on your city of residence. It’s recommended to consult with your local animal control office and other relevant authorities to obtain more information on the restrictions and regulations in your area, especially if you’re operating a commercial dog kennel business.

Zoning Requirements:

At times, zoning laws may impact the location of your dog kennel. Specific zones could be allocated for commercial kennel use.

License and Permits

Operating a kennel in Indiana necessitates obtaining a license or permit, which may involve submitting applications, paying fees, and complying with particular laws and regulations. Consulting with local authorities is recommended to gain clarity on the exact requirements.

Facility Standards

Regulations may stipulate the criteria for constructing and maintaining commercial kennels, including specifications for kennel size, ventilation, lighting, sanitation, and other elements.

Where We Sell Dog Kennels in Indiana

The Dog Kennel Collection offers dog kennel delivery to all parts of Indiana. Although we don’t have dealers in Indiana, our network covers neighboring states, so you may find one nearby. If not, don’t worry! You can request a quote directly from us at BIH Pet, and we’ll arrange delivery to your location.

  • South Bend
  • Carmel
  • Fishers
  • Bloomington
  • Hammond
  • Gary
  • Noblesville
  • Terre Haute

A Commercial Dog Kennel For Any Business

What sort of canine-oriented enterprise are you involved in? We specialize in supplying commercial kennels tailored to diverse needs. Whether you’re in dog breeding, boarding, veterinary care, or require facilities for working dogs, we have the kennel solution to meet your requirements.

kennel for working dogs- dog kennels for sale in Indiana

For Working Dogs

Your hardworking dogs deserve royal treatment during their downtime. Our tailored Kennels for Working Dogs provide spacious and cozy accommodations for your beloved companions.

Veterinary Dog Kennels- dog kennels for sale in Indiana

Veterinary Dog Kennels

Searching for a facility to care for pups? Our premium Veterinary Dog Kennels offer generous space and customizable luxury features, ensuring your customers and their furry friends feel right at home!

Dog Shelter Kennels- dog kennels for sale in Indiana

Dog Shelter Kennels

If you’re dedicated to nurturing pups as they await their forever homes, creating a warm and secure environment is crucial. Our Dog Shelter Kennels are tailor-made for this purpose, providing the perfect fit for your needs!