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Kennels by Industry

As a commercial dog kennel manufacturer, we serve the following industries by providing high-quality dog kennels. Our stand-alone, commercial dog kennels are ideal if your current facilities are too small to add more kennels. We can help you expand your dog care business with a dog kennel that’s built to your specifications. 

Dog Kennels for Boarders

Do you run a dog boarding business? Our dog kennels for boarders offer you an attractive and comfortable space to keep your client’s dogs for the night. The easy-to-clean features that we make available in our commercial dog kennels help you spend less time cleaning between dogs and give you more time to run your business.

Dog Kennels for Groomers

Since caring for dogs is your business you’re well aware of the need to provide quality service in a facility that gives a good impression of your business. That’s where our dog kennels for groomers come in. As a commercial dog kennel manufacturer, we care about helping you find the right facilities to be successful.

Dog Kennels for Shelters

You find yourself caring for many dogs with a wide range of needs. You understand the importance of giving the dogs you care for a secure place to recover until they find a new family. We custom-build dog kennels for shelters that are good for the dogs you care for and easier to clean and manage with the many valuable features that we offer.

Dog Kennels for Trainers

Your clients are bringing their dogs to you so that they learn obedience. Are you able to provide proper care before and after the training sessions? You’ll never go wrong in making sure that your client’s dogs are safe and happy. Our dog kennels for trainers offer adequate room for the dogs in your care to keep your clients happy and their dogs safe.

Dog Kennels for Breeders

Helping your dog deliver a litter of puppies can be an exciting and stressful time. Having the right facilities to care for your dog while she’s in labor and to care for the puppies as they grow can make your puppy-raising venture more successful and profitable. Our Dog Kennels for Breeders will show your customers how much you care.

Dog Kennels for Vets

As your veterinarian business grows, so does your need for space to keep the pets in your care while waiting for their owner to return. Our dog kennels for veterinarians give you the option to expand your business with nearly endless possibilities for features and design to give you a commercial kennel you can be proud of.

Kennels for Working Dogs

Your dogs represent a significant investment of time and resources to help them realize the value that they’re contributing to your unit today. You can’t afford to lose your dogs due to inadequate facilities that contribute to poor health. Investing in a commercial kennel for working dogs built by a reputable manufacturer will help to protect your investment in your dogs.

K9 Kennels

Dogs that work hard to make the world a safer place deserve a safe place to sleep at night. Take a look at our selection of commercial dog kennels for your dogs and find the kennel you need. Our kennels can be customized in a variety of ways to make them the perfect home for your dogs.