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Luxury Living For Your Furry Friends

Welcome to The Dog Kennel Collection, where we help you design the perfect dog kennel for your canine friend. Whether you are a dog breeder looking for a commercial kennel, or a dog lover looking for a single-run residential dog kennel, you can be sure that The Dog Kennel Collection has what you need.

Need a kennel that is climate-controlled, custom-made, and uniquely designed for your dog? Browse our selection of luxury dog kennels and find the one that suits you and your pet best, or simply customize your own! 

With the exception of Alaska and Hawaii, our portable dog kennels can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Visit the Find a Dealer page to locate a dog kennel supplier near you. If there is not a dealer in your area, we will work with you directly to provide your dog with the perfect housing.

Browse Our Dog Kennels

residential dog kennels

Residential Kennels

Are you looking for a residential outdoor dog kennel for your family friend? Look no further. We would love to help you design the perfect dog kennel that will become the envy of the dogs in the neighborhood. All of our dog kennels include standard features that make caring for your dog (and your investment) easy. It’s time to treat your dog to a dog kennel from the Dog Kennel Collection. Begin by browsing our selection of outdoor dog kennels today!

commercial dog kennels

 Commercial Kennels

Whatever the reason is that you’re caring for multiple dogs, we can help you find a quality dog kennel that will also contribute to the health and well-being of your dogs. Our quality commercial custom dog kennels can be customized in almost every way possible to meet the demands of your unique situation. The Dog Kennel Collection offers many excellent options when you’re thinking of investing in a long-term dog kennel to keep your dog comfortable and happy.  

Dog Kennel Collection Welded Wire Kennel

Kennel Kits

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly but still top-quality option, find what you need with our durable Welded Wire Kennels and Chain Link Dog Kennels from Backyard Pet Supplies. These kennels are made of sturdy materials right here in the United States. With top-notch construction and reinforced corners, these kennel kits will give your pups a secure place to enjoy the fresh air. Choose a kennel roof to offer your dogs protection from rain and sun.

A Few Ways To Customize
Your Dog Kennel

Climate Controlled Features

How can you be sure that your dogs are cool enough in the summer and warm enough in the winter? Take a look at the climate control features built into our kennels, or browse our selection of add-ons, like our thermostat heaters and AC units for your kennel.

 Wash Down Solutions 

A dirty kennel is not a healthy kennel. Browse our wash-down options for your kennel and discover just how easy a clean kennel can be. With wash-down solutions like interior channel drains in the runs, retractable hoses, and washtubs, what more can you need for a sanitary kennel?

Whelping Options

Dealing with whelping mother dogs and puppies in the kennel? We have just the whelping supplies you need. Take a look at our whelping nests, whelping beds, and whelping heaters, and create a cozy environment for your growing dogs. 

Steps To
Buying A Dog Kennel

  • Find A Dealer
    We sell our kennels nationwide. Use our Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you. If there is no dealer near you, you can work directly with us out of our office in Lancaster, PA.
  • Request A Quote
    Next, you can fill out a form to request a quote for the type of kennel you want. You can also check out our inventory page for in-stock kennels and request a quote for them. Your dealer will get back to you.
  • Finalize You Purchase
    If you are ready to move ahead, let your dealer know, and they will help you finalize your order. Get ready for the delivery of your kennel!

Hear From A Past Customer

Interested in hearing how some of our customers are using our dog kennels?
See for yourself how Amber and her dog boarding business are using a commercial kennel
from The Dog Kennel Collection.

Interior of Portable Dog Kennels
Dog Kennel Options
Portable Dog Kennels for Boarding

A Commercial Dog Kennel For Any Business

Commercial Kennels from The Dog Kennel Collection are used by people who care deeply about dogs and their well-being. Our kennels can be delivered anywhere in the USA and arrive ready to use for your dog business of any kind. Here are a few examples of how our commercial kennels are used across the USA.

K9 dog kennels

K9 Dog Kennels

Your dogs put in a lot of work and they deserve to be treated like kings in their downtime. Our custom K9 Dog Kennels give your dogs a spacious and comfortable home.

Veterinary Dog Kennels

Veterinary Dog Kennels

Looking for a space where you can care for pups? Our deluxe Veterinary Dog Kennels provide ample space and luxurious custom options that will make your customers feel at home!

Dog Kennels for Boarding

Boarding Dog Kennels

When caring for other people's pets, it's important that you have a facility that is clean and outfitted with all the modern amenities. Our Dog Kennels for Boarding equip you with just that!


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Dog Kennel Supplies

Chain Link Kennels

Are you looking for a basic kennel for your small or large dog? Choose between our Chain Link Kennels or the Heavy-Duty Welded Wire Kennels.

Dog and Puppy Care Products

From dog vaccinations and dewormers to puppy whelping pads or whelping boxes, you will find it all at Backyard Pet Supplies.

Kennel Parts for Your Operation

Are you looking to replace kennel fencing or build a dog kennel on your own? You will find the kennel supplies you need for one or 100 kennels.

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