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Dog Kennels for Trainers

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Do you make your living doing what you love most? Are your days spent with four-legged friends and you feel passionate about cultivating good habits in the pups under your care so that their owners can enjoy their pets to the fullest? If you are a dog trainer, you have an amazing job! But even the most amazing jobs can sometimes be stressful if you don’t have the proper tools.

Elevate your dog training business with one of our selection of dog kennels for trainers and enjoy the extra space for organization, training, and housing pups. Contact us to get started on the journey or use our dealer locator to find the dealer nearest to you!

Standard Features of Our Luxury Dog Kennels for Trainers

Choosing the right dog kennel is no small feat. Not all the kennels out there are created equally. The Dog Kennel Collection offers you luxury commercial dog kennels that are a cut above the rest so your furry friends can be comfortable and happy. Our dog kennels for trainers are built with standard features that make your kennel a place where customers can feel confident sending their pets for training.

Dog Kennels for Trainers


All our dog kennels for trainers are insulated with R-13 batten insulation in the walls and ceiling so your trainees stay comfortable no matter the weather.

Dog Kennels for Trainers with Smartfloor

Interior Flooring

Our Smartfloor in the interior of our kennel boxes is totally watertight which makes for quick and easy sanitizing.

Dog Kennels for Trainers with Cathedral Ceiling

Cathedral Ceilings

Create an open space in your kennel with our standard cathedral ceiling and help you and your dogs feel less confined.

Awesome Customization Options for Your Dog Kennels for Trainers

If you’re looking for a way to take your dog training to the next level, an outdoor dog kennel is the perfect addition to your space. The Dog Kennel Collection offers quality-built structures that give you custom options so you can create the building that fits your business best. 

insulated dog kennel with floor heat

Sanitization and Cleaning

Keeping your dog kennel clean and deep cleaning the area before a new pup is welcomed is important to running a successful dog training business. With our custom options, you can create a dog kennel that is easy to keep clean and sanitized. Create a welcoming space that will build your customers’ confidence in your work.

  • Interior Stainless Steel Channel Drain
  • Exterior Wash Down
  • Wash Tub
  • Hose Reels 
  • Hot Water Heater
HeaterAC Unit interior

Temperature and Ventilation

Creating a comfortable environment for your pups when they are inside is important to keep them happy and healthy. The Dog Kennel Collection offers a variety of heating, cooling, and ventilation options to keep the interior of your dog kennel at the perfect temperature.

  • Mini Split Heater/AC Unit
  • Heat/AC Unit
  • LP Cozy Direct Vent Wall Furnace
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Exhaust Fan for Ventilation
  • Waykar Commercial Dehumidifier
  • Horticat Ultrasonic Mist Humidifier

Exterior and Interior Fencing

Because you’re training a variety of dogs with unique personalities, it’s key that you have a separate space for each of your trainees to have their own space. No matter the type of fence you’re looking for, The Dog Kennel Collection is sure to have the thing to fit your wishes.

  • 4 Foot Solid Interior or Exterior Kennel Divider
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Welded Wire Panels
  • Black Coated Chain-Link Panels
  • Stainless Steel Kennel Front
  • Happy Pet Kennel Front

Dog Kennels for Trainers Q and A

As with all jobs, there are challenges and questions that arise when working with dogs. Dog trainers sometimes deal with difficult dogs that take a special touch to train. Sometimes it’s not the pups that pose a problem, but the owners that have high expectations and require a lot of you. Check out some frequently asked questions to better prepare yourself for your job!

Just like we humans, no dog is created alike. Each dog, no matter the breed, size, or age, has its own unique personality. While diverse personalities keep life interesting, it can prove to be challenging when training pups. If you have dogs that tend to be aggressive and dominant, you don’t want them to be with other dominant dogs, or else things could get ugly. Until you have your charges well-trained and accustomed to each other, it’s wise to have separate areas to house them when not actively working with them. Our dog kennels for trainers provide the perfect place for keeping multiple dogs happy and safe. Check out our kennel interior to see the space that could be yours!

A dedicated building for your job can help you work more efficiently. With specific places for your supplies and tools, you’ll be able to work in a more organized way. With our custom commercial dog kennels, you can spend less time worrying about your facility and more time doing what you love!

They say that good things take time and this is especially true for dog training. Getting a pup to be housebroken and obedient doesn’t happen overnight. It can feel overwhelming when you’re not making any progress with your pup and the owner is getting frustrated. Time management is key when running a dog training business and having a dedicated office space can help you work more efficiently and effectively.

Training dogs isn’t just about working with the pups. It’s also about building a relationship of trust with the dog’s owner. Having a clean and appealing facility is a great way to make a good first impression and start off the working relationship on a good foot. Cleanliness is not just about making a good first impression, it needs to be an integral part of your business so your dog owners believe that you are truly doing all you can to give their pets the best care and attention possible.

There will be a big turnover of dogs you serve, and with each of those new pups comes the risk of bringing germs into your workspace. Your trainees should never be at risk of disease because of a lack of cleanliness and sanitization. It’s of paramount importance that you have a space that is easy to keep clean and organized to provide the pups in your care with the best care possible. Our dog kennels for trainers offer custom options for easy clean-up and maintenance.

While there is no way to guarantee that all your dogs will remain healthy 100% of the time, there are steps to take to prevent the spread of disease. Kennel Cough (also known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis) is a common and easily spread disease among dogs, especially when there is a large group of dogs confined in a small space. Our luxury dog kennels for trainers provide ample space so each dog can be distanced from others and reduce the risk of catching diseases. Because Kennel Cough is spread through airborne droplets, our custom ventilation options are essential in your kennel. These fans and vents keep air moving throughout the building and provide fresh air so your dogs are less likely to contract diseases from other dogs.

It’s also important to thoroughly clean out your dog’s kennel before, during, and after you receive a new dog. Dogs can be contagious even before they show symptoms, so it’s best to be overly cautious rather than under cautious. Our flooring and fencing options are easy to clean, so your job becomes easier.

  • Flooring

The interior of your dog kennel for trainers will be outfitted with our standard ⅝ Smartfloor Coated with Poly-Urea for a durable and watertight floor that’s easy to clean. Our floors are also insulated with R-13 spray foam insulation and you can even customize the floor to be equipped with radiant heat to keep your pups warm and comfortable.

We use composite decking for the exterior runs of our dog kennels for trainers. This makes hosing down run easy. If you prefer a notch above this flooring, upgrade to poly-urea flooring for the exterior as well as the interior. You can also customize your dog kennel with a raised floor so you can use a wire run floor with a wash down underneath. This upgrade creates a cleaner kennel so your dogs stay healthy.

  • Roofing

The Dog Kennel Collection provides a dog kennel that comes with a standard shingle roof. Opt to upgrade to a classic metal roof or a standing seam metal roof if you prefer.

Starting a new dog training business or adding a new building to your existing business is no small feat. It comes with a lot of decisions for you to make. Having a plan helps keep your mind organized and at peace. 

  1. Plan and Research

Get yourself started on the right foot by having an extended time of brainstorming and planning. Create your brand, lay out your standard procedures, and decide what training services you’ll be offering. The brainstorming process may involve reaching out to those who are already in the industry and learning from their years of experience. Make sure you have a good idea of who your audience will be and how you can best help them.

  1. Make Sure Everything is Done Legally

During the entire process of starting up your business, make sure that everything you do is done legally and with all the formalities necessary. Go the extra mile and ensure that your business is well-established as a trustworthy place for people to bring their pups.

  1. Train Yourself

Before you train other people’s dogs, make sure that you yourself are trained properly. Take classes, read books, and get certifications that make you an expert in your field. If you have training and knowledge to back up your passion for pups, your customers are sure to see that and trust you to train their pets.

  1. Find a Location

When picking a location for your training center, take numerous things into consideration. Make sure you are in a place that is easy for customers to access. Your location should have enough outdoor space so that your trainees can get out and exercise safely and happily. Ensure that zoning and space requirements are all met before you commit to a location.

  1. Set-Up

Perhaps the most exciting part of the process is when you have your location settled and all you need is your building. Customize your dog kennel with The Dog Kennel Collection and create the perfect workspace for your new business. Create a warm and inviting space for your dogs to feel like it’s their home away from home. 

  1. Schedule Your First Customer

Once your facilities are all set up and the legalities are squared away, book your first customer! Start off your business right with good communication, a warm welcome, and confidence in what you do. 

  1. Never Stop Learning

Now that your business is up and running, you may think that it’s smooth sailing from now on. You’ll quickly learn that running a business is all about constantly learning, growing, and improving. Keep on gaining knowledge and training and be open to receiving feedback from your customers on how you can provide better service. Keep an open mind to how you need to change procedures in your business to adapt to changing times or challenges that arise.

Embarking on an endeavor like designing your own kennel for working dogs might seem quite daunting. However, The Dog Kennel Collection aims to ease your stress by offering you help along the way. Feel free to contact us for more information or use our dealer locator to find the nearest luxury kennel to you!

An Outdoor Dog Kennel Testimonial

“Just had our kennel delivered today and it did not disappoint. Wonderful craftsmanship. Everything is EXACTLY as pictured in the brochures and as was discussed when ordering. The ordering process was amazingly easy. Can’t wait to order our next building in the fall of next year.”

Kim Lynch

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