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Dog Kennels for Rescue Shelters

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dog kennels for rescue shelters

How can Dog Kennels for Rescue Shelters Benefit Dogs?

Does your business revolve around rescuing dogs in distress and giving them a second chance at life? Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed with the demands of each new dog that comes into your care. That’s when having the right facilities can make all the difference. We build dog kennels for rescue shelters that make caring for many dogs easier.

Since you probably have many dogs passing through your facilities you need to be able to quickly and thoroughly clean the large dog kennels between occupants. You don’t want to pass disease from one dog to the next. You may also find that you’re short-staffed while the demands of caring for your dogs keep on increasing. Keeping your dogs in custom dog kennels for rescue shelters that are easy to maintain will help to reduce your workload. You’ll also want a kennel that is built to last so you can avoid additional expenses in the long-term.

With our quality materials and proven construction techniques, you can be confident that your new dog kennels for rescue shelters are built to last. We offer features such as epoxy floor coatings and floor drains to make cleaning easier. Electrical packages and plumbing options help you get your work done more efficiently. And climate control options help to make sure that the dogs in your care stay healthy and comfortable.

dog kennels for rescue shelters 12x50 sixteen run traditional

Dog Kennels for Rescue Shelters

Whether you’re an established rescue shelter that houses dozens of dogs or just starting out in your humane endeavors, our dog kennels for rescue shelters can be customized in every way possible so you can get a quality and well-built kennel that will meet the demands of your situation. 

Dog comfort is guaranteed with our custom built dog kennels. All of our kennels are built with 30 year shingles and durable, painted siding so no outside element will affect the dogs. All of our kennels also have a standard of insulation, chew proof dog doors and poly decking on the dog runs. 

We build our kennels with the idea of comfort, ease, and efficiency. We want every dog to feel safe and comfortable while providing dog owners with peace of mind knowing that their dog’s are in the best environment possible. 

dog kennels for shelters showing feeder bowls on inside
dog kennels for shelters stainless steel feeder bowls dog kennel option

The Importance of Rescue Shelters

Our loveable pets should always be treated with kindness and love. Unfortunately, not every dog gets those basic needs. Running a rescue shelter is one of the most honest and admirable jobs in the world. That’s why we treat kennels for rescue shelters with utmost care and importance. Since we can’t avoid keeping dogs out of rescue situations, the Dog Kennel Collection strives to give these pups a place where they can relax, and unwind after going through any trauma.  

We care about the health and safety of any pup and that’s why it is so important for us to get it right. So the dogs can live their best lives even after any mistreatment. Every dog deserves a second chance and to provide a temporary home for them while they’re in line for a forever home is one of the most important aspects of our job. 

The Dog Kennel Collection

For over a decade, The Dog Kennel Collection has been dog kennels for rescue shelters and to all types of dog owners. We’re grateful to be able to hone our skills in building kennels and making dogs, and dog owners happy is one of our biggest rewards. We understand and know that each situation is unique and we try to add a personal touch to every kennel built. 

You can rest easy knowing that we offer kennels for your every need, whether you just want a backyard kennel for your furry companion or need one to run your business. We provide residential and commercial kennels so we can adapt to any need you may have. Contact us today or find a dealer nearby so you can provide a safe home for your pets!