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Kennels For Dogs Anywhere In The US

Whatever the reason is that you’re caring for multiple dogs, we can help you build a custom dog kennel that will also contribute to the health and well-being of your pets. Our commercial line of custom dog kennels is enjoyed by dog shelters, dog breeders, military bases, and police departments (read more about how our professional dog kennels are used). Make a living caring for dogs and doing what you love with a dog kennel for your business.

Our commercial dog kennels can be customized in almost every way possible to meet the demands of your unique situation. Rest assured that every one of our kennels for dogs will contain the same quality features no matter how many changes are made. These features include 30-year shingles and durable painted siding (for protection from the elements), insulated dog kennel boxes lined with glass board (for energy efficiency and ease of cleaning), chew-proof dog doors with aluminum edging, super-durable poly decking on the dog runs, and many more.