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Dog Kennels for Boarding

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Are you looking for a way to start a business for boarding dogs? Or do you already have an established brand, but you’re looking to expand and grow your space? Whatever the case may be, our dog kennels for boarding will enhance your facility and provide your pups with a comfortable and secure place to call their home away from home!

We hold our commercial kennels to high standards. Each kennel comes with standard features that set them apart from other kennels. Want to make your dog kennel for boarding into a palace? Upgrade your building with our deluxe dog kennel options and features and create a welcoming and warm environment for your customers and their pets.

Take a look at this kennel we built for Amber’s boarding business in Halifax!

Luxurious Standard Features for Dog Kennels for Boarding

When working with other people’s dogs, it’s important that your give them a great first impression, but it’s more important that the lasting impression is just as good! We understand this, so we have equipped your commercial boarding kennel with some standard features that will stand the test of time.

Dog Kennels for Boarding with Quality Siding

Quality Siding

The first thing your customers will see is the exterior of your facilities. Our standard finish for our dog kennels for boarding gives a great curb appeal while also providing a quality exterior finish. With two options for quality siding, you can choose if you want a classic painted finish or a more rustic and charming stained finish. 

  • LP Smartside Painted a Color of Your Choice
  • Pine Board and Batten Stained a Color of Your Choice
Dog Kennels for Boarding with insulation

Full Insulation

Keeping your boarding kennel at a consistent and comfortable temperature will create a more welcoming environment for the dogs in your care. We make this easier by fully outfitting your commercial kennel with insulation. This helps you heat and cool the kennel interior in any weather.

  • R-13 Wall and Ceiling Insulation
  • Spray Foam Floor Insulation
Dog Kennels for Boarding with High Ceiling

High Ceilings

Kennels are sometimes thought to be cramped and dirty, but we don’t agree with that. We think that your dog kennel for boarding should be an open and airy space. Rather than try to pack as much as possible into as small a space as possible, we make our ceilings high enough to create an open and spacious feel. 

  • Helps Dogs Feel Less Confined
  • Creates a Welcoming First Impression

Awesome Customization Options for Your Dog Kennel for Boarding

Your dog kennel for boarding should be fully outfitted with all the extras that make it a five-star doggy hotel. Our deluxe kennel options for commercial kennels will equip your kennel with all you need to run an organized and professional business!

Dog Kennels for Boarding with Doors

Doors and Windows

Our variety of doors and windows lets you customize your building exactly how you want it. Let natural light fill your dog boarding kennel to make it feel more clean and open. Add to the exterior aesthetics with shutters for your windows. An extra door will give you convenient access to your commercial kennel.

Feeding Options for Dog Kennels for Boarding

Feeding and Watering

With different pups coming to your facility for different amounts of time, you need a good way to tailor their feeding schedule to fit their diet. Our feed bowls let each dog have their own food and let you control when and how much they eat. Our watering solutions give constant access to hydration for your pups.

Cabinets in Dog Kennels for Boarding

Aluminum Cabinets

For any business, organization is key. With a dog boarding business, you are going to have a lot of supplies, toys, and food to store. Our high-quality aluminum cabinets provide you with ample storage space. These cabinets are easy to clean, pest resistant, and equipped with soft close hardware so your kennel can stay neat and quiet.

Outdoor Dog Kennels for Boarding Q and A

As with all jobs, some challenges and questions arise when caring for dogs. We’ve looked into some frequently asked questions about using Dog Kennels for Boarding and about the industry in general.

We understand the importance of a kennel’s roof in the overall structure, and we’re committed to offering you a high-quality solution. Our standard commercial kennels come equipped with shingle roofs, providing a secure and long-lasting shelter for your dogs. For those wanting an upgraded kennel roof, consider our metal roofing options, particularly beneficial in areas with high wind conditions. We also have the option of a standing seam metal roof featuring a concealed fastener system for added durability and protection.

We believe in the importance of using top-notch materials for your kennel’s flooring. Inside our specialized commercial kennels for dog boarding, you’ll find our standard ⅝ Smartfloor coated with Poly-Urea. This choice guarantees a sturdy, waterproof floor that can be effortlessly maintained through quick cleaning routines. To create a more temperate climate, we incorporate R-13 spray foam insulation into our flooring. If you’re looking for added comfort during colder seasons, we offer customizable options, including the installation of radiant heat to ensure your beloved furry companions remain warm and snug, even in the most challenging weather conditions.

In our dog boarding kennels’ outdoor runs, we opt for composite decking, simplifying the cleaning process in these areas. For those seeking an upgrade, consider the poly-urea flooring option for both the interior and exterior sections. We provide the opportunity to tailor your kennel with a raised floor design, enabling the addition of a wire run floor along with a wash-down area beneath it. This elevated kennel flooring upgrade makes a cleaner and healthier environment for your dogs, contributing significantly to their overall well-being.

The primary distinction between dog boarding and dog shelter kennels is the duration of the stay. Dog boarding facilities are designed to accommodate pets for relatively short periods, typically when their owners go on vacation or have other temporary needs that prevent their pups from joining them. Dog boarding provides a secure place for pet owners to leave their dogs without concerns about their care.

In dog shelter kennels, dogs are typically housed for more extended periods. The length of their stay in a dog shelter depends on the time it takes for these dogs to find their permanent families. During this transitional phase, it is essential for these dogs to have a safe and comfortable commercial kennel where they can stay securely and enjoy a more luxurious environment.

The answer to this question depends a lot on the kennel you use. When selecting a place for your dog to stay while you’re away, it’s essential that you consider several different factors.

  • Inspection and licensing of the business
  • Cleanliness of the facilities
  • Training of the staff
  • Health requirements are up to date
  • Adequate staffing and supervision
  • Protocols for emergencies
  • Comfort and socialization for your pup
  • Previous customer reviews and recommendations

If you’re looking to start a business and wondering how to create a reputable facility, check out our commercial kennels. These kennels are fully outfitted with all you need to keep your facility clean and organized. When you combine these top-notch facilities with good communication and loving care, your business will be sure to succeed.

While it’s impossible to guarantee 100% canine health at all times, there are proactive measures you can take to minimize the spread of diseases. Kennel Cough, also known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis, is a prevalent disease that can easily spread among dogs, particularly in situations where a large group of dogs is confined in a limited space. Our luxury dog kennels for boarding offer ample room, allowing each dog to have sufficient distance from others and reducing the risk of disease transmission.

Given that Kennel Cough is primarily transmitted through airborne droplets, our custom ventilation options play a crucial role in your kennel’s health protocol. These fans and vents ensure proper air circulation throughout the facility, providing a constant supply of fresh air, which lowers the likelihood of dogs contracting diseases from their canine companions.

It is essential to adopt thorough cleaning practices for your dog kennel before, during, and after receiving a new dog. Dogs can be contagious even before exhibiting symptoms, making cautious cleaning procedures imperative. Fortunately, our flooring and fencing options are designed for easy cleaning, simplifying your maintenance tasks, and helping maintain a hygienic environment for your dogs.

Caged Dog Syndrome is a condition that greatly affects dogs, often stemming from confinement in cramped spaces and a lack of exercise. Dogs require ample room to burn off their energy, and inadequate space can lead to the development of Caged Dog Syndrome, characterized by fear, aggression, anxiety, and sometimes depression.

Our deluxe commercial kennel offers a solution where your furry companions can enjoy the outdoors, stretch their legs, and breathe in fresh air. It’s essential to have a fenced yard where your dogs can freely roam, play with toys, and revel in the green grass in addition to their kennel. When people typically envision kennels, they might imagine small, crowded, and uninviting metal enclosures lacking any comfort. However, our vision is different. We envision a canine haven that mirrors the deluxe features of your own home. Your dogs deserve the best, and we’re here to assist you in creating precisely that kind of environment for them!

Starting your own dog boarding business may seem like a daunting endeavor, but The Dog Kennel Collection is here to take part in the load by offering high-quality dog kennels. We’re here to simplify the process for you and help relieve the stress of all the research and planning. Feel free to contact us or request a quote for one of our dog kennels designed for trainers to kickstart your journey today!

An Outdoor Dog Kennel Testimonial

“Just had our kennel delivered today and it did not disappoint. Wonderful craftsmanship. Everything is EXACTLY as pictured in the brochures and as was discussed when ordering. The ordering process was amazingly easy. Can’t wait to order our next building in the fall of next year.”

Kim Lynch

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