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Dog Kennels for Boarding

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Dog Kennels For Boarding

When you’re running a dog boarding business, a lot depends on having the right facilities. Your clients will notice the cleanliness and comfort features of your kennel. They will be much more likely to bring their dogs back to you if they feel that their dog is well taken care of.

Your dog kennels for boarding should feel like home. This means providing a quiet sleeping area and a place for the dogs to exercise and relieve themselves. Your client’s dogs should be protected from other dogs in a secure and comfortable space. In addition, keeping the kennel clean should be high on your priority list. A kennel that makes cleaning easy will reduce your workload and give you more time for more important items on your to-do list.

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With our glass board wall covering option and electrical package, our dog kennels for boarders provide a clean and comfortable kennel interior that feels like home. Customize your kennel to include a lobby, dog shower, or other amenities that make your dog boarding business more attractive. Walk into a clean kennel with adequate ventilation along with a controlled climate, and you’ll feel like moving in for the night along with your dog!

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Dog Kennels To Make Your Boarding Business Easier

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It’s no secret that the dog boarding business is not an easy one. You know how important it is when a person or a family entrust you with their furry family member(s) while they go on a much-needed vacation or to visit family in a different city or state. They need to know that their dog is being well cared for while they are away. If they have total trust in their dog boarding choice, then they will be able to enjoy their time away and will probably choose you again and again for their dog boarding needs.

Getting your dog kennels for boarding from The Dog Kennel Collection will ensure that your customers will feel completely confident in leaving their favorite pets with you, and their dogs will have a comfortable and happy stay while their owners are away. Our commercial dog kennels are designed and built with business owners just like you in mind. We pay attention to details and offer a list of standard features that add exponential value to your investment in a dog kennel for boarding.

Why Are Our Dog Kennels Best For Boarders?

You can pick out a prefab commercial dog kennel from us if you find one that meets your needs, but you can also design your own custom dog kennel for boarding dogs by calling us and letting us know what you need, and that’s one of the reasons our dog kennels are best for boarding. Another reason is that our list of standard features adds a lot of value to the base product dog kennels that we offer. Investing in one of our kennels for your dog boarding business will be a decision you will never regret.

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Dog Kennels For Boarding Standard Features:

With standard features like these, your business investment boarding dog kennel will last a long time, and more than that it will provide an impressive and safe place for your guests to stay. Customers will take one look at your dog kennel for boarding and be completely at ease leaving their pets with you. And when they return and pick up their furry family members and see how happy they were during their stay they will become returning customers for you to serve.

Dog Kennels For Boarding Optional Features

Dog Boarding Kennel Weather Features:

In addition to our dog kennel standard features, there are lots of optional features available to anyone starting out or running a dog boarding business who wants to realize customize the boarding experience they’re creating. Weather can be a huge factor so our dog kennels for boarding come with a number of great features to help mitigate different climates in the dog boarding world.

Dog Boarding Kennel Comfort Features

It’s not all about hot and cold though with our optional dog boarding kennel features, comfort matters too! You want your furry guests to have the best time possible so they leave good Google reviews and ask their Moms and Dads if they can come back. One way to ensure that they have the best stay ever at your dog boarding kennel is to provide the very best doggy-friendly amenities.

Getting The Right Dog Kennel For Dog Boarding

The good news is that you have lots of boarding dog kennel options! The big question is how do you know what to choose? There are a few key factors for you to consider when planning out what kind of dog kennel to get for your new or existing dog boarding business. Choosing a customized commercial kennel from The Dog Kennel Collection will guarantee that you’re providing the very best care and protection for your doggy guests.

Dog Kennels For Boarding And The Climate

Where you happen to live has a big impact on the optional features you may want for your dog boarding kennel. If you are running your business in one of the southern states where it is warm most of the year then you will want to feature things like exhaust vents, an air conditioning unit, and maybe skip rubber mats and use stainless steel wash trays for each of your pens.

If you’re running a dog boarding business in the northern part of the country and you have to deal with cold weather for several months out of the year then you’ll want to consider things like the radiant floor heating system, rubber mats to insulate the kennel floors, and even a heating unit to keep your guests warm and cozy overnight. The more you do to create the best experience possible for your customers, the more successful you can be and the more your business can grow and impact others. The Dog Kennel Collection is here to help you out in any way that we can. Let us know what we can do for you!