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Dog Breeding Kennels

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Let’s face it, raising puppies from scratch can be challenging. It can be risky as you nurse tiny, vulnerable puppies from infanthood into lively, bouncing puppies that are ready to be adopted by a caring family.

The Dog Kennel Collection provides luxury dog breeding kennels that provide the tools you need to give your puppies the luxury start in life to help you raise puppies that are healthy and ready for their new home. Contact us or use our dealer locator to get started on your new custom kennel!

Dog Breeding Kennel Designs that Leave Your Jaw Hanging!

Choosing the right outdoor dog kennels is no joke. Your dogs matter and their well-being is very important to us. Not all commercial dog-breeding kennels are created equal. The Dog Kennel Collection cares about your furry friends and how comfortable and happy they will be in one of our kennels. There are some key standard features for our insulated dog kennels that are important to consider when investing in a new building.

Dog Breeding Kennels with Composite Decking

Composite Decking on Kennel Runs

The exterior area of our dog breeding kennels is outfitted with composite decking which makes upkeep and maintenance easier than ever!

Pressure Treated for Dog Breeding Kennel

Pressure Treated Dog Kennel Floor

Your dog kennel flooring will hold a lot of weight, so it’s important that you have a stable base. Our dog kennels are supported by pressure-treated 2×4 floor joists.

Dog Breeding Kennel with SmartFloor

Smart Floor Coated with Poly-Urea

Our breeder kennel interior design is made to stand the test of time. It is finished with Smartfloor flooring for a durable and easy-to-clean finish.

Awesome Customization Options for Your Dog Breeding Kennels

The truly amazing thing about dog breeding kennels from The Dog Kennel Collection is that each commercial kennel is fully customizable so you can create exactly the home your dogs need. All of our deluxe custom options are made so your pups can grow up in the warm and comfortable environment that they need to thrive.

hose port breeder dog kennel options

Wash Down Option

Our dog kennels come with wash-down solutions, so your kennels can stay spotless and provide your dogs with a pristine environment for breeding and whelping. We offer several wash-down features for a clean kennel, like the following: 

  • Interior stainless steel channel drain
  • Exterior Wash down 
  • Wash Tub
  • Retractable Hose Reel
Whelping pad on the floor of a commercial dog breeding kennel.

Whelping Room

A whelping room is a very important part of dog breeding kennels. It is important not to price shop when looking for whelping facilities. Keeping your dogs safe and healthy is a top priority. Here are some whelping options:

  • Thermostat Heater
  • EZS Bed with and without puppy rails 
  • Whelping beds
  • Radiant floor heat system
  • Accutemp whelping nests
Dog Breeding Kennels with Heating and cooling

Heating and Cooling

Keep your dogs comfortable with our heating and cooling options for your dog-breeding kennels. Check out some of our dog kennel options for heating and cooling in the hot and cold months: 

  • Wall mount thermostat
  • 110 V AC Unit
  • Mini split heater/AC unit
kennel kits

Kennel Kits

Are you a dog breeder searching for a top-quality and budget-friendly kennel? Look no further than our durable Welded Wire Kennels and Chain Link Dog Breeding Kennels from Backyard Pet Supplies. These kennels are made of sturdy materials right here in the United States. With top-notch construction and reinforced corners, these kennel kits will give your pups a secure place to grow up. Choose a kennel roof to protect your dogs from rain and sun so they can safely enjoy time outdoors.

Outdoor Dog Breeding Kennels QandA

If you’re just starting out or if you’re a seasoned veteran of dog breeding, there are always questions that arise in this industry. Check out some questions that people frequently ask. The Dog Kennel Collection wants to equip you with all you need to find the perfect addition to your dog breeding program.

A dog breeding kennel is a facility where dogs are bred for the purpose of producing certain breeds or qualities in their offspring. Kennels have received a lot of heat in recent years because of the horrible conditions some kennels are in. Let’s change the reputation that kennels are known for. The Dog Kennel Collection offers deluxe commercial dog kennels that provide a comfortable environment for your pups to grow up in. With custom options that make these breeding buildings feel like a palace, we can reclaim the good name of kennels.

Yes! Our commercial kennels are fully enclosed. We use high-quality dog kennel flooring and roofing so you can rest assured that your pups are well protected no matter the weather. Check out some more technical information about the floors and roofs of our breeding kennels below!

  • Flooring

The interior of your dog breeding kennels will feature our standard ⅝ Smartfloor coated with Poly-Urea. This provides resilient and waterproof flooring that’s effortless to maintain. Our floors come with R-13 spray foam insulation for easier heating and cooling, and you also have the option to personalize the floor with radiant heat, ensuring your furry companions stay cozy and content.

For the outdoor enclosures of our dog kennels, we use composite decking, simplifying the process of rinsing down the runs. If you want an elevated flooring option, consider upgrading to poly-urea material for both the exterior and interior. Additionally, we have the option to personalize your dog kennel with a raised floor, facilitating the use of a wire run floor with an easily cleanable space underneath. This upgrade contributes to a cleaner kennel environment, promoting the well-being of your dogs.

  • Roofing

The Dog Kennel Collection offers dog kennels featuring a standard shingle roof. Alternatively, you have the choice to upgrade to a metal roof or a sleek standing seam metal roof, depending on your preference.

Our dog breeding kennels provide your pups with ample room to grow and thrive. Choose how many runs you want in your dog kennel depending on the number of dogs you have. As you are building your dog breeding business, something to keep in mind is the welfare and happiness of your dogs. Are your dogs getting the exposure they need to thrive physically and socially? The Dog Kennel Collection strives to provide large kennels that give your pups plenty of space to exercise.

That is a great question! Thanks for asking!

  • Climate control
  • Insulation
  • Roof and Floor
  • The Dog Kennel Run
  • Whelping Options
  • Easy to clean
  • Puppy play area
  • Individual kennels 
  • Cleaning or washing stations 
  • Storage Space

It just so happens, that The Dog Kennel Collection offers all of these features on our outdoor dog breeding kennels.

If you are interested in starting your own dog breeding business, you may wonder what is involved in starting this journey. Let’s look at some of the major steps involved in starting up your own dog breeding business. 

  1. Research and Planning- Research the breed you intend to work with and understand what their specific needs are, and how that translates into your kennel design. 
  2. Legal and Regulatory Considerations- Be sure to comply with your local permits, regulations, and requirements for operating your dog kennel breeding business. This may include zoning regulations, business licenses, and similar regulations.
  3. Choose the Appropriate Kennel- Find a kennel that provides your dogs with what they need. Think of the space your dogs need and the different features you will want to include in your kennel. 
  4. Design and Customize Your Kennel- What should be included in a kennel for breeding? Be sure to include areas in your kennel for whelping, individual kennels, areas for play, and exercise, and other storage space. 
  5. Breeding Program Development- Think of starting a breeding program that considers genetics, health, temperament, and compatibility in your dogs.
  6. Record Keeping- It is important for the dog breeder to keep records of necessary information and data, like the health history of the dogs, breeding activities, and puppies produced. 

The exact number of litters a breeding dog should have will vary based on breed and a number of other characteristics. As a general rule, it’s good to limit a female dog to about 3-4 litters in her lifetime. The most important thing is to keep your dog’s health and welfare in mind.

If you want to invest in dog breeding kennels that will provide your pups with a secure and comfortable place to start their lives, get in contact with us! We’d love to answer any other questions you may have. Find a dealer near you to get a quote for your new kennel!

An Outdoor Dog Kennel Testimonial

“I feel happy knowing that my dogs are comfortable and safe. This has been the best investment I have ever made, and I am very happy with my purchase. Even if you are just a pet owner and want a safe place for your dog to be while you’re away whether it be for work or just the day this is a must-have.”

dog kennel in new jersey

Chantel Semanchik

Cape May, NJ

Other Uses for Our Commercial Dog Kennels

Dog Kennels for Boarding

Dog Kennels for Boarding

When caring for other people’s pets, it’s important that you have a facility that is clean and outfitted with all the modern amenities. Our Dog Kennels for Boarding equip you with just that!

Dog Groomer clipping a black and white spotted dog.

Dog Kennels for Grooming

As a dog groomer, your dog grooming kennel should be spotless and clean. With our Dog Kennels for Grooming, you can impress your clients every day!

Dog Kennels for Trainers

Dog Kennels for Trainers

Are your clients bringing you their pets to train? Give your customers a comfortable place for their pups to relax after a training session with our Dog Kennels for Trainers!