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K9 Kennels

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Your K9 dogs are working hard to keep the world a safer place, so don’t they deserve a safe place to rest their heads at night? If you are looking for a kennel to house your K9 dogs, then we have what you need. Our dog kennels are a great choice of home for your hard-working dogs and are built with care and made to last.

Our dog kennels are built with sturdy materials and come with a variety of built-in features to create a safe and comfortable kennel for your pet.

Standard Features of Our Luxury K9 Kennels

Your specially trained dogs need to be well-rested and ready for each workday. Our dog kennels come with features that ensure that your dog will be comfortable in the kennel and ready to go when the time comes.

Keeping your dogs in our commercial kennels that are easy to operate and maintain will take a load off your shoulders. You’ll also want a kennel that is built to last so you can avoid additional expenses in the long term. Our K9 kennels are all outfitted with standard features that make them top-quality.

Dog Breeding Kennel with SmartFloor- k9 kennels

Polyurea Coated Smart Floor

Having the right type of flooring in your kennel is important. You want durable flooring and stain-resistant flooring that is easy to clean. Polyurea flooring is a scratch-resistant option for your kennel that is also comfortable for your dogs’ joints.

Dog Shelter Kennels with Insulation- k9 kennels

Batten Insulation

Keeping your kennel temperature regulated is important in keeping your hard-working dogs comfortable. Our commercial kennels come with batten insulation built into the ceiling and the walls of the kennel. This helps to improve energy efficiency in the kennel and maintain a comfortable year-round.

Kennels for Working Dogs with Cathedral Ceiling- k9 kennels

Cathedral Ceiling

Our dog kennels come with standard cathedral ceilings. This helps you and your dogs feel less confined by creating a spacious environment and head space in the kennel. Cathedral ceilings also help to create more natural lighting and better air circulation.

Customization Options for your K9 Kennels

In what ways would you like to customize your K9 kennel? We offer a host of customization options to help you keep your canines comfortable and safe. Need more windows in the kennel or want an interior hose for a cleaner kennel? Check out our customization options!

Dog Kennel Doors

Want durable doors for your dog kennel that your dogs can operate on their own? Check out our deluxe dog doors and find just the door you need for your working dogs. We offer a variety of dog kennel doors that are spring-loaded, durable, and available in a variety of sizes for your dogs.

Dog Shelter Kennels with Sanitization Options

Wash Down Solutions

Keeping a clean kennel is important to keeping your hard-working dogs healthy. We offer various interior wash-down solutions. Consider Installing a retractable hose reel for quick wash down, or a wash tub inside the kennel. Installing drains in each dog run makes for easy wash down as well.

Kennel for Working Dogs with AC and Heat

Climate Control

For your dogs to perform at their best, they need a comfortable and temperature-controlled kennel. We offer various custom options to climate control your dog kennel. Add an AC unit to your kennel to keep it cool in the summer and a heater to keep it warm in the wintertime. Take a look at all our climate control options for your K9 kennels.

Dog Shelter Kennels Q and A

Do you have some questions about our dog kennels and want to see if they are a good fit for your K9 dogs? Check out some of the commonly asked questions and the answers we’ve found! Get in contact with us for any more questions!

Our dog kennels come standard with 30-year architect shingle roofing, a durable and affordable option for your kennels. You can also choose metal roofing for your kennel, which is a weather-resistant and long-lasting option for K9 kennels.

Our dog kennels come standard with Polyurea flooring in the interior of the kennel. This type of flooring is watertight and chemical resistant. It is also durable and not hard on your dog’s joints.

The exterior runs are built with composite decking. This is a durable and scratch-resistant flooring that is comfortable for your dogs’ feet and odor-resistant.

Yes, we offer spring-loaded dog doors that allow your dog to go in and out of the kennel run on its own!

Keeping your kennel clean is important to maintaining healthy dogs that can do their job well. Wash down your K9 kennel about once every two weeks. If you add additional features like a retractable hose or a wash tub and drains, you can make your job a lot easier. Deep clean the kennel once a month or as needed.

Yes! Kennels that are not ventilated properly can become quite foul-smelling and even be unhealthy for your dogs (and you!) Be sure that your kennel has windows, fans, or vents to keep the air circulating properly.

An Outdoor Dog Kennel Testimonial

“Just had our kennel delivered today and it did not disappoint. Wonderful craftsmanship. Everything is EXACTLY as pictured in the brochures and as was discussed when ordering. The ordering process was amazingly easy. Can’t wait to order our next building in the fall of next year.”

Kim Lynch

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