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Dog Kennels for Groomers

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dog kennels for groomers

Dog Kennels For Groomers

When your clients walk into your grooming office, what do they feel? Are they impressed by the well-lit, clean interior? Does the smell of dog shampoo and clean canines waft through the air? Your clients care a lot about their dogs and will choose a dog groomer carefully. You can’t afford to lose clients because they don’t like the looks of your facilities.

dog kennels for groomers

As a dog groomer, what do you value most when it comes to your facilities? Do you need a spacious work area with adequate lighting? Do you need holding pens for your client’s dogs before and after your scheduled grooming session? Do you need a wash area to bathe your dogs?

Our dog kennels for groomers can be customized to create the grooming facilities that you need for your business. We can create a large grooming area for multiple groomers to work at once, or a smaller area if your business is a new venture. We can add electrical packages, wash areas, extra windows, and just about anything else that you need to make your business a success. Impress your clients with a new kennel that’s easy to clean and maintain.

A Safe Space for Dogs

Our pets aren’t just random animals living in our home. They are family, and because of this, we want the best for our pets. Taking them to a groomer, and making sure we are maintaining healthy living conditions for them are important jobs as pet owners. Yet it can be a very stressful time taking your dog to a groomer, especially if it’s your first time. Trusting someone else with your dog groomer can be hard, but with the proper kennel, you can ease a pet parent’s worries. Running a grooming business alongside an attractive kennel can go a long way. Having clean facilities, plenty of space and operating well-kempt dog kennels for groomers can show your customers professionalism and can lead to customers being more trusting.

A kennel provides comfort and a safe place for dogs. As well as professionalism and expertise to the pet parent. The Dog Kennel Collection provides quality built, and highly customizable dog kennels so you can compete with the best and run your business at the optimum level! We dedicate ourselves to provide durable, low-maintenance kennels that are highly customizable so you can get a product that fits your unique needs. We understand that not every business is the same, and there are ever-changing needs in every industry. That’s why we try to have clear and open communication with with groomers like you when we design and manufacture your dog kennels.

dog kennels for groomers 10x28 5 box back
dog kennels for groomers interior view of 10x28 5 run kennel showing alt layout with large entry with wash
dog kennels for groomers radiant floor heat system

Happy Customers

At the end of the day, our work isn’t about profit. It is about providing excellent dog kennels for groomers and everyone as well as making our customers happy. Check out what our previous customers had to say about their kennels!

My challenge was finding a way to keep my dogs safe while I was not at home. I wanted my dogs to have access to go outside to relieve themselves. I wanted a place that I could keep clean and sanitized but I also wanted something that was a safe environment that kept them off guard away from predators. This kennel has provided all of that for me.

Chantel Semanchik

We love our kennel! We rescued two Great Pyrenees that had separation anxiety and could get very destructive when left. Regular dog crates are just too small for them and get hot. They love their kennel, especially the air conditioning in Texas heat. We can leave them for several hours with complete peace of mind.

Cliff and Allyn Dukes

Dog Kennel Collection

Our number one priority is to provide you with dog kennels for groomers and pet housing that protects dogs, provides a comfortable and safe place. Since a dog’s size can vary, we have lots of designs built to please every dog.

For over a decade, we’ve helped all types of business owners and dog owners and made sure to leave dogs and owners happy. You can rest easy knowing that every dog kennels for groomers are hand-crafted by our staff so every kennel comes out unique. Personal touch is what makes a product great, and that’s why we always strive to give every customer their personalized experience. Our expertise, professionalism, and craftsmanship will be sure to provide you with years of performance and satisfaction