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Dog Kennels for Grooming

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Looking to start your own business grooming pups? Dog kennels for grooming are the perfect kickstart to your new career. The Dog Kennel Collection offers kennels for dog grooming that are a cut above the rest. When operating a pet grooming business, you want to provide your customers with a clean and spacious facility to bring their pets. A good impression of your building will help build a relationship of trust with the customers you serve. With a plethora of custom options, these buildings truly give your furry a luxurious grooming experience. 

Keep scrolling through the standard and custom features that we offer for our commercial kennels and start dreaming about your new addition to your grooming business. Get in contact with us if you have any questions or find a dealer near you!

Standard Features of Our Luxury Dog Kennels for Grooming

If you’re starting a pet grooming business, you want to have your building fully equipped with all the amenities to make your business welcoming and comfortable to your customers and their pets. We understand that which is why our commercial dog kennels for grooming come with standard features that create a durable and long-lasting building.

Dog Kennel for Grooming With Siding Options


Create a good first impression when your customers drive in with a classy finish to your building. Our dog kennels for breeders are finished with LP Smartside and Pine Board and Batten siding. Our LP siding can be painted any color you wish, so you can choose the color that fits the aesthetic of your business. The Board and Batten siding can be stained the color of your choice for a more rustic and warm look.

Insulation for Dog Kennels for Grooming


The walls and ceiling of our dog kennels for grooming are fully insulated with R-13 batten insulation so keeping your building at a consistent temperature is easier, no matter the weather. The floor of our building is insulated with R-13 closed-cell spray foam. This keeps cold from seeping up through the floor during the winter and creates a more comfortable space for pups to rest on.

Dog Kennels for Grooming Flooring


The interior of our dog kennels for grooming is outfitted with ⅝ smart floor coated with polyurea for a durable and watertight finish. This makes for super easy clean-up and sanitization so you can keep your business healthy and trustworthy. Exterior runs can very easily get dirty if not taken care of properly. The exterior runs of our kennels are made with composite decking material which makes washing down the runs easy.

Awesome Customization Options for Your Dog Kennels for Grooming

If you’re looking for a way to take your dog grooming business to the next level, a commercial dog kennel is the perfect addition to your space. The Dog Kennel Collection offers durably built structures that give you deluxe custom options so you can create the building that gives your pups a top-notch space to relax.

Dog Kennel for Grooming with Aluminum Cabinets

Aluminum Cabinets

Any smoothly running business needs a good system of organization. With a business like pet grooming, there are going to be lots of supplies and tools that need somewhere to go out of sight.

Our high-quality aluminum cabinets can be added to your dog kennel for grooming to give you the perfect spot to keep your products organized and neat. You can also add a sink to your cabinet set for an easy wash-up station.

Dog Kennels for Grooming with Water Heater

Water Heater

It’s essential to have your dog kennel for grooming equipped with a hot water heater. With all the bathing and shampooing that goes into grooming pets, you need a hot water heater that keeps up with your demands.

Grooming pets can also be messy and cleaning with cold water is no fun, plus it doesn’t sanitize properly. Opt for a 30-gallon LP hot water heater to keep your building supplied with a sufficient amount of hot water.

Lighting for Dog Kennels for Grooming


Lighting is key to functional dog kennels for grooming. The work you do is detailed and requires utmost care and attention. Good lighting helps you see what you’re doing and keeps you focused on the job in front of you.

Choose our electrical package which includes: 1 light, 1 receptacle, 1 light switch, and an electrical box. Additional lights and receptacles can be added so you can have adequate lighting for your workspace.

Dog Kennels for Grooming Q and A

Do you have some questions about starting your own grooming business or do you want some more information about our dog kennels for grooming? Check out some of the commonly asked questions and the answers we’ve found! Contact us if there is any way we can help you out!

Similar to us humans, dogs are individual beings with distinct characteristics. Regardless of their breed, size, or age, each dog possesses a unique personality. While this diversity adds flavor to life, it can present challenges while working with dogs. If you’re grooming dogs that exhibit aggression and dominance, it’s essential that you keep other dogs safely away from them. Having a dog kennel gives you the ability to give your undivided attention to the dog you’re working with, knowing that the other dogs that are waiting are kept safely in their own runs. A commercial dog kennel also creates a nice waiting space for the dogs. Dogs have a lot of energy and it’s good for them to be able to stretch their legs and enjoy the fresh air while waiting for their grooming appointment. 

Grooming dogs can sometimes be a stressful job that requires a lot of patience and discipline. Having an organized and clean workspace can help keep your mind clear and focused on the task in front of you. With our custom options like aluminum cabinets and sanitization options, our dog kennels for grooming equip you with the space to do your work efficiently and thoroughly!

While an absolute guarantee of constant canine health is never attainable, there are proactive measures to curtail disease transmission. Kennel Cough, scientifically termed canine infectious tracheobronchitis, is a prevalent virus that spreads easily among dogs, particularly in confined spaces. Because you’re seeing a lot of dogs with your job, this sickness is a major concern. You want to keep your customers happy and their pets healthy. 

Our high-end dog kennels for grooming offer ample room, ensuring adequate distance between each dog and minimizing the risk of disease transmission. Given that Kennel Cough is transmitted via airborne droplets, our custom ventilation systems are imperative for your kennel. These integrated fans and vents facilitate continuous air circulation, keeping the environment fresh and lowering the probability of disease transmission among dogs.

Maintaining pristine conditions within your dog kennel before, during, and after introducing a new dog is essential. Dogs can potentially spread contagions even before exhibiting symptoms, which magnifies the importance of meticulous precaution. Our kennel flooring and fencing options are designed for straightforward cleaning, simplifying your responsibilities and ensuring a hygienic and safe setting for your dogs.

We believe that the floor of your kennel should be constructed from top-tier materials. The interior of our commercial kennels for working dogs features our standard ⅝ Smartfloor coated with Poly-Urea. This choice guarantees a robust and waterproof floor, easily maintainable through simple cleaning routines. Our floors are insulated with R-13 spray foam insulation, and for enhanced comfort during colder periods, customization options include the addition of radiant heat to ensure your canine companions stay warm and snug in the coldest weather.

For the outdoor runs of our dog kennels for grooming, we use composite decking, a choice that simplifies hosing down these areas. If you want an upgrade beyond this, consider the poly-urea flooring option for both the interior and exterior sections. Additionally, we offer the customizing of your kennel with a raised floor design, facilitating the addition of a wire run floor, complete with a wash-down area beneath. This elevated kennel flooring upgrade promotes a cleaner kennel environment, contributing to the overall health and well-being of your dogs.

Ready to get started on your new dog kennel for your grooming business? Do you have ideas circling around your head and you want to see them come to life? Get in contact with The Dog Kennel Collection to get started. You can also find a dealer in your area and see what they have in stock. We’d love to answer any questions you may have!

An Outdoor Dog Kennel Testimonial

“Just had our kennel delivered today and it did not disappoint. Wonderful craftsmanship. Everything is EXACTLY as pictured in the brochures and as was discussed when ordering. The ordering process was amazingly easy. Can’t wait to order our next building in the fall of next year.”

Kim Lynch

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