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Amber’s Dog Boarding Kennel in Halifax, PA

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Amber’s Puppy Palace

Amber Laudenslager-Frey runs a dog boarding, breeding, and grooming business in Halifax, Pennsylvania. Her dad helped her build the first dog kennel, but when they needed a larger one for her growing business, they decided to go with a prefab kennel and started looking at their options. Check out her full story on our YouTube channel or continue reading to hear more about her dog business and the dog boarding kennel she purchased from The Dog Kennel Collection.

When Amber saw she needed a new kennel for her dog boarding business, Backroad Boarding, she began looking around for a prefab kennel. She heard about The Dog Kennel Collection through social media and decided to check it out. She browsed the options that The Dog Kennel Collection offered and asked if they would be willing to add some features to her kennel that were not listed on the website. They were willing to work with her and built a custom 20×60 commercial dog kennel that was a perfect fit for her dogs.

Amber says that she recommends The Dog Kennel Collection because they were willing to work with her specific requests and help her create a kennel that was perfectly designed for the needs of her dogs. She encourages others who are looking to start a dog business to go with The Dog Kennel Collection.

Whatever you need, they’d be more than willing to help you with.

Special Features of Amber’s Dog Kennel

Amber says the stainless steel chainlink fencing has a much cleaner look on the interior kennel and is a better choice than the standard chainlink fencing that is on the outside.

Heated Floors

Amber has heated floors in her dog kennel and highly encourages them to other customers. Heated floors are a great addition for those who have whelping dogs and puppies, especially during the cold seasons.

“Throw out the heated lamps or whatever you got going on to keep your puppies warm. Get the heated floors, you will thank yourself later.

Q & A with Amber

What inspired this business that you operate at your home?

“My business was started when I was twenty-one, but it actually got started when I was six. I asked my parents for my first litter of puppies and they gave in. And they really started a problem, because it was one dog, and two dogs, and three dogs, and four. And now we have fifteen. And from my love of breeding the dogs, that’s where we got into boarding and grooming as well.”

How did you learn about DKC, and what eventually sold you on them as a manufacturer?

“I first found out about The Dog Kennel Collection through social media. We actually went down to their facility, since we are local. I had looked over all their categories and all the different things they had to offer. Because I do have my other kennel, I knew that there were some things that I specifically was looking for that they didn’t offer. I asked them if they would be willing to add some things, and they were more than willing to work with me.”

What would you say to someone else looking for a dog kennel? Would you recommend The Dog Kennel Collection?

“I would highly recommend The Dog Kennel Collection. I think they would really fit your needs and your wants in building a new facility. Whatever you need, they would be more than willing to help you with.”


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