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Outdoor Dog Kennels by Size

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All of our outdoor dog kennels include standard features that make caring for your dog (and your investment) easy. These features include 30-year shingles and durably painted siding for protection from the elements. Each dog pen includes insulated dog boxes that are lined with a glass board for easy cleaning and a chew-proof dog door with aluminum edging. Out on the deck, your dog will enjoy the feel of poly decking, and you will enjoy how easy it is to clean and maintain. All of these features (and many more) come standard in all outdoor dog kennels.

Kennels Per # of Dogs

Who says that your pet’s home can’t be attractive? Our elite series of outdoor dog kennels come with features that set our puppy kennels apart from the competition. Not only does each outdoor dog kennel provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pet, but it also adds to the appeal of your backyard with our deluxe trim package and larger windows. 

14x24 dog kennel interior 3

Small Dog Kennels

Built with long-lasting performance in mind, our traditional series of residential outdoor dog kennels is the perfect solution for your pets. Included in this feature-packed outdoor dog kennel is an insulated living box that is lined with a glass board for easy cleaning and a chew-proof dog door with aluminum edging to protect your investment for years to come. 

single dog kennel

Large Dog Kennels

Whatever the reason is that you’re caring for multiple dogs, we can help you build a custom dog kennel that will also contribute to the health and well-being of your pets. Our large custom dog kennels are enjoyed by dog shelters, dog breeders, military bases, and police departments. Make a living caring for dogs and doing what you love with a dog kennel for your business.

14x24 dog kennel front

Standard Features Our Outdoor Dog Kennels

dog kennel run

Kennel Floor Specs

  • Poly Decking on Runs
  • Pressure Treated Floor Joist
  • 11.5 Ga Chain-Link Panels
  • Plexiglass Dog Doors w/Stainless Edging
dog kennel features interior

Interior Finish Specs

  • Interiors Lined w/Glassboard
  • ⅝ Smartfloor Coated with Poly-Urea (Very Durable and Watertight)
  • Dividers On Inside Chain link or Optional Solid
8x20 insulated dog kennel for one dog

Climate Controlled

  • R-13 Batten Insulation In Walls & Ceilings
  • R-13 Closed Spray Cell Foam Insulation in Floor
  • A Cathedral Ceiling means your Dogs Feel Less Confined.

3 Things Your Dogs Want the Most

  1. Most dogs appreciate spending time outside because it allows them to see and get fresh air and smell things they wouldn’t be able to see or smell if they were locked indoors.
  2. Most dogs will become bored if they are kept inside, but outdoor kennels allow them to roam around the dog run, sniff new things in the air, and feel the wind on their fur.
  3. Most dogs would prefer to spend time in a large outdoor kennel rather than the cramped space provided by a crate.

Kennels and outdoor dog runs are excellent choices for every dog owner. They not only keep your dog secure when you are unable to monitor his every step, but they also provide excellent mental stimulation and allow him to run around.


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