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Pictures of Dog Kennels

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Welcome to The Dog Kennel Collection Gallery Page. Here you will find many pictures of Dog Kennels with different uses, sizes, colors, and styles. The pictures of dog kennels below are all previous projects and can be built again for our customers. View the collection of beautiful residential and commercial dog kennels to find a color and style that’s right for your home or business. 

Residential and Commercial Dog Kennel Pictures

The traditional series of residential outdoor dog kennels are built with long-lasting quality to keep your dog’s best friend safe and happy. Leave the house with peace of mind knowing your dog is well protected with Amish dog kennels.

See multiple styles of residential dog kennels below. If you run a dog care business or are planning to start one shortly, our larger commercial dog kennels may be a better fit for you.

Traditional Homeowner Kennels

Elite Homeowner Kennels

Commercial Dog Kennel Pictures

Our Dog Kennel Videos

20×40 Commercial Kennel

12×32 Commercial Kennel

24×24 Commercial Kennel