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Kennels for Working Dogs

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Your dogs work hard, and they deserve a comfortable place to rest and be rewarded for their efforts. Whether your dog is involved in search and rescue or herding sheep on your ranch, The Dog Kennel Collection offers your pets a luxurious space to call home after a long day of work. Working dogs must be kept healthy and strong so they can tackle their daily tasks with passion and energy. Having a space that is kept secure and protected just like a house is key to keeping your working dog happy and healthy. 

Our commercial kennels for working dogs are fully customizable, so you can create just the space to fit your and your dogs’ wants. Do you have questions about our outdoor kennels? Don’t hesitate to contact us or find a dealer near you to get started!

Standard Features of Our Luxury Kennels for Working Dogs

Our standard features help to make sure that your commercial dog kennels won’t need to be replaced anytime soon. The quality materials that we use and proven construction methods give you the peace of mind that your dogs are secure and that your investment will last.

Insulated Kennel for Working Dogs


We pride ourselves in crafting fully insulated dog kennels so climate control is easier for you. For the walls and ceiling of our kennels for working dogs, we use R-13 batten insulation. We insulated the floor with R-13 closed cell spray form to fit into all the corners for cold doesn’t seep up through your kennel flooring. 

Kennels for Working Dogs with Vinyl Posts

Vinyl Posts

In the exterior run area of our commercial working dog kennels, we use vinyl posts to support the roof that covers the exercise area. These vinyl posts offer durable support the the dog kennel roof so you don’t have to worry about your pups staying protected and safe in any weather.

Kennels for Working Dogs with Cathedral Ceiling

Cathedral Ceiling

It’s easy to think of outdoor dog kennels as small and confined spaces, but our kennels for working dogs aren’t your average kennels. Don’t make your dogs feel cramped with a low kennel roof. Opt for a kennel from The Dog Kennel Collection to give your dogs a home with plenty of space.

Awesome Customization Options for Your Kennel for Working Dogs

Your dogs work just as hard as you do, so they deserve the best. They’ve spent a lot of energy on others, and when your dogs come home from a day of searching for a lost person or keeping people safe in a public space, they need an inviting and comfortable place to recharge. Our custom kennels for working dogs offer you deluxe custom options so your dogs can live like kings!

Feed Options for Kennels for Working Dogs

Feed and Water

Your dog burns a lot of calories out on the job and it’s of paramount importance that they have a good diet to keep them in shape. It’s also important that your dogs stay well-hydrated during their time off of work to keep them healthy and ready to go. Our custom feeding and watering options include:

  • Lixit Nibble Waterer 
  • Stainless Steel Water Bowl with Float
  • 2-3 Quart Feeder Bowls 
  • Stainless Steel Feeder with Lid
Kennel for Working Dogs with AC and Heat

Heating and Cooling

Keeping the kennel for your working dogs cool during the summer and warm during the winter is essential to the health and well-being of your canine companions. Equip your insulated dog kennel with our heating and cooling features for a comfortable environment. 

  • LP Cozy Direct Vent Wall Furnace
  • Mini Split Heater/AC Unit
  • Heat/AC Unit
  • LP Procom Wall Mount Thermostat Heater
Flooring for Kennels for Working Dogs

Kennel Floor

Your dogs’ feet take them all over the place, and when they’re not on duty they need flooring that’s gentle on their worn paws. While our standard flooring for the interior and exterior of our working dog kennels is top-quality, our deluxe custom options take comfort to the next level.

  • Tenderfoot Kennel Flooring
  • Heavy GA Black Coated Wire Kennel Flooring
  • Poly Urea Coated Exterior Run Floor
  • Interior/Exterior Raised Floor

Dog Shelter Kennel Q and A

Do you have questions about our commercial dog kennels or about your working dogs? We did our best to answer your questions below. There might even be some information that you wouldn’t have thought about. We are here to equip you with all the information you need to properly outfit your kennel for working dogs!

As long as your kennel is a clean, safe, and comfortable home, housing your working dogs in an outdoor kennel can actually be good for them! Dogs enjoy the outdoors and fresh air and giving them a home where they can go out to an exterior run is an excellent way for them to do so safely. Although some would warn against housing your working dogs in an outdoor kennel, it’s perfectly fine for your pups to live in a kennel.

Kennels have recently gotten a bad reputation because of some of the horrible conditions that our furry friends have been found in. The Dog Kennel Collection is striving to change that narrative by designing deluxe commercial kennels for working dogs. 

While it varies a lot on the breed of dog and the amount of work that your dog has put in, as a general rule, your dog should be fully retired from full-time work by the age of 10. Make sure you pay close attention to how your dog is performing in his everyday life and give him adequate rest so he doesn’t burn out early.

Kennels for working dogs are in fact good for your dogs! With an outdoor dog kennel, your dog will get the best of both worlds. The interior of the kennel provides a perfect environment to rest and get away from adverse weather conditions. In beautiful weather, your dogs can pop out of their doggy doors to the exterior runs to exercise and enjoy the fresh air. Another benefit of a commercial kennel is the 24/7 access to a bathroom. This way, your dog doesn’t have to deal with the discomfort of having to wait for you to let them outside to use the bathroom

Yes! Our commercial kennels are fully covered with a standard shingle roof. If you prefer a metal roof, upgrade to our classic metal roof or a standing seam metal roof.

We believe that as the base of your kennel, the floor should be made of top-quality materials. That’s why we’ve outfitted the interior of your commercial kennel for working dogs with our standard ⅝ Smartfloor Coated with Poly-Urea for a durable and watertight floor that’s easy to clean. Our floors are also insulated with R-13 spray foam insulation and you can even customize the floor to be equipped with radiant heat to keep your pups warm and comfortable during cold months.

We use composite decking for the exterior runs of our kennels for working dogs. This makes hosing down the runs easy. If you prefer a notch above this flooring, upgrade to poly-urea flooring for the exterior as well as the interior. You can also customize your dog kennel with a raised floor so you can use a wire run floor with a wash down underneath. This upgrade creates a cleaner kennel so your dogs stay healthy.

Although there’s no foolproof way to ensure constant canine health, certain measures can be taken to cut down the spread of diseases. Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis, commonly referred to as Kennel Cough, tends to circulate easily among dogs, particularly in confined settings with numerous dogs. Our commercial kennels for working dogs offer generous space, facilitating individual distancing and minimizing disease transmission risks. Because Kennel Cough primarily spreads through airborne droplets, our tailor-made ventilation solutions play a crucial role in maintaining a safe kennel environment. Our custom options like fans and vents ensure continuous air circulation, delivering fresh air and reducing the likelihood of cross-infection between dogs.

It’s vital to conduct a thorough cleaning of your dog kennel before, during, and after introducing a new dog to your space. Dogs can be contagious even before displaying symptoms, making an extra cautious approach preferable. Our kennel flooring and fencing choices are designed for easy cleaning, simplifying your responsibilities in maintaining a clean and safe environment for your dogs.

Embarking on an endeavor like designing your own kennel for working dogs might seem quite daunting. However, The Dog Kennel Collection aims to ease your stress by offering you help along the way. Feel free to contact us for more information or use our dealer locator to find the dealer nearest to you.

An Outdoor Dog Kennel Testimonial

“Just had our kennel delivered today and it did not disappoint. Wonderful craftsmanship. Everything is EXACTLY as pictured in the brochures and as was discussed when ordering. The ordering process was amazingly easy. Can’t wait to order our next building in the fall of next year.”

Kim Lynch

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