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Dog Kennels For Sale in Concord NH

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Are you on the hunt for a fresh space for your furry companions in Concord, NH? Discover our commercial and residential dog kennels to find the ideal match for your pups.

Dog Kennels for sale in Concord NH

Prefab Dog Kennels For Sale in Concord NH

Whether you’re seeking an upgrade for your canine business facility or a cozy new home for your family pet, you’ve come to the right place with our selection of dog kennels for sale in Concord NH. The Dog Kennel Collection offers prefabricated dog kennels that are fully customizable to meet your pets’ needs.

Tailor your dog kennel by adding additional windows, interior electricity, climate control features for maintaining optimal temperatures, or convenient wash-down solutions for easy cleaning. Our goal is to assist you in creating the perfect dog kennel that caters to all your furry friends’ requirements. Explore our variety of dog kennel options and discover how we can accommodate you.

A Few of Our Residential and Commercial Dog Kennels For Sale in Concord NH

Customization Options for Your Dog Kennel in Concord NH

Your dogs deserve the very best. Take a look at some of the popular optional features for your dog kennels for sale in Concord NH!

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Doggie Door Options

Are you curious about the type of door suitable for your dog’s kennel? We provide a wide array of dog doors in various sizes, allowing you to tailor the door to accommodate your dog perfectly. Some of our options include:

  • Plexiglass Dog Doors
  • Pet Safe Dog Doors
  • Guillotine Dog Doors
  • Aluminum Dog Doors
dog kennels for sale in New Hampshire

Wash Down Solutions

Maintaining cleanliness in the kennel can prove challenging at times. Wash-down solutions in your kennel can significantly enhance the efficiency and enjoyment of kennel cleaning. Wash-down options include:

  • Exterior Water Faucet
  • Wash Tub in Interior
  • Stainless Steel Channel Drains
  • Retractable Hose Reels
dog kennels for sale in New Hampshire

Heat/Cool Options

Are you facing challenges in maintaining a comfortable temperature in the kennel? Worry no more! We provide a range of climate control features for your dog’s kennel to easily heat and cool your kennel:

  • Wall Mount Thermostat Heater
  • 110 V AC Unit
  • Mini Split Heater/ AC Unit
  • Direct Vent Wall Furnace
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Chantel’s Large Dog Kennel in New Jersey

Chantel, residing in Cape May, has a distinctive occupation as a dog breeder. Unlike typical pet owners, she encounters unique challenges as she cares for multiple dogs and assists them in birthing puppies.

For Chantel, it was imperative to have a space where maintaining cleanliness and ensuring her dogs’ safety was effortless. The Dog Kennel Collection ensured that Chantel’s dog area was designed for easy cleaning. They utilized materials that facilitated quick cleaning and incorporated drains to facilitate smooth water flow, keeping the area tidy and secure for the dogs.

Where to Buy a Dog Kennel in Maryland

Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, The Dog Kennel Collection distributes kennels nationwide through a network of dealers. While we don’t presently have dealers in New Hampshire, there’s no need to worry. Our dealers in neighboring states may offer convenient access. To find the closest dealer to your location, simply click the button below and provide your address. If there isn’t a nearby dealer, you can directly connect with our national dealer, Horizon Structures, who will ensure you get the kennel you need.

An Outdoor Dog Kennel Testimonial

We love our kennel! We rescued two Great Pyrenees that had separation anxiety and could get very destructive when left. Regular dog crates are just too small for them and get hot. They love their kennel, especially the air conditioning in Texas heat. We can leave them for several hours with complete peace of mind.

Cliff and Allyn Dukes

Dog Kennels for sale in Concord NH: Commonly Asked Questions

What size dog kennel do I need for my dog?

Finding the ideal size dog kennel for your pet might be tricky, but we’re here to provide some valuable guidance. It’s recommended to choose a kennel that’s slightly larger rather than too small. Aim for one that’s at least double the length and width of your dog, ensuring there’s enough space for comfortable movement. Also, think about adding an outdoor run to give your dog extra room and the chance to enjoy some fresh air.

Are there specific features I should include in my dog kennel?

When contemplating the features to include in your kennel, make sure to prioritize high-quality flooring and fencing. Choose durable and stain-resistant materials like Polyurea Smartfloor, which is known for being gentle on your dog’s paws. For fencing, consider durable options such as aluminum panels or chainlink. Additionally, think about integrating climate control features like a split heater/AC unit to ensure your dog stays comfortable throughout the year.

What is the cost range for dog kennels, and are there budget options available?

The pricing of our dog kennels from The Dog Kennel Collection can vary based on several factors. For residential kennels, prices typically range from $5,000 to $15,000. The size of the kennel and any additional features you choose will affect the final cost. For commercial kennels, prices generally range from $20,000 to $100,000, with factors like the number of runs and desired additional features impacting the overall expense. For those seeking a more affordable option, we also provide dog kennel kits through our online store, Backyard Pet Supplies.

How often should I clean my dog’s kennel?

Maintaining cleanliness in your kennel is crucial for your dog’s health. Aim to clean it at least once a month, but ideally more frequently if possible. Thoroughly wash down the walls and floor during cleaning sessions. Installing features like an interior hose and channel drains can significantly streamline and simplify the cleaning process.

Commercial Dog Kennel Regulations in Concord NH

It’s advisable to seek guidance from your local authorities to understand the regulations governing dog kennels in your region. In New Hampshire, these regulations may cover several aspects, particularly if you’re considering starting a commercial dog kennel business.

License and Permits

To operate, establish, or maintain a commercial kennel in New Hampshire, you must obtain an annual license from the enforcement agency. This license should include the kennel’s title and number, along with the owner’s name and caretaker’s name.

Facility Standards and Dog Care

It is essential to maintain cleanliness and rodent-free conditions in all areas where animals are housed, displayed, stored, or sold. Regular cleaning and disinfection are imperative, with cages requiring daily attention in this regard.

Animals showing signs of illness or disease must be evaluated and treated by a licensed veterinarian. If necessary, under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian, sick animals should be humanely euthanized.

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Customizable Dog Kennels for sale in Concord NH

If you’re in need of a new dog kennel in Manchester, NH, take a look at our selection. We offer kennels suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. Find the ideal match for you and your furry companions today!


Custom Dog Kennels for sale in Concord NH

Considering upgrading your backyard doghouse? Take a look at our range of residential outdoor dog kennels in Nashua, New Hampshire. These kennels are customizable to suit you and your dogs’ requirements.

A Few Ways People Use Our Dog Kennels

If you’re looking to start your own commercial dog business and need a dependable kennel, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you plan to board dogs, breed them, or provide a secure environment for working dogs, we have the commercial kennel solution you need. Discover the dog kennels for sale in Concord NH, to kickstart your new venture!

kennel for working dogs- dog kennels for sale in New Hampshire

For Working Dogs

Your hardworking dogs deserve to be treated like royalty during their downtime. That’s why our custom Kennels for Working Dogs provide them with a spacious and comfortable home where they can relax and recharge.

Veterinary Dog Kennels- dog kennels for sale in New Hampshire

Veterinary Dog Kennels

Seeking a facility where you can nurture pups and keep them healthy? Our deluxe Veterinary Dog Kennels offer abundant space and luxurious custom features, ensuring your customers feel right at home!

Dog Shelter Kennels- dog kennels for sale in New Hampshire

Dog Shelter Kennels

If you’re caring for pups as they await their forever homes, ensuring a safe environment is essential. Our custom Dog Shelter Kennels are precisely tailored to meet these needs, providing the perfect fit for you.