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9 Unique Dog Toys for Your Furry Friend

Myrna Kauffman - January 23, 2024

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Are you on the lookout for some unique dog toys that are, well, just a little different than the normal ones you see at pet stores? You’ve come to the right place. If you own a dog (and you probably do if you are reading this,) then it’s probably safe to assume that you really like your furry friend. Whether you have a lively Cocker Spaniel, a stately German Shepherd, or a petite TeaCup Poodle, the love you have for your dog probably runs deep. Dogs are called “Man’s best friend” for a reason.

Because they are our friends and companions, we care for them and want to see them thrive. There are many ways to improve the health and happiness of your dog, and today we’re going to focus on various facets of their health through exercise and play. Let’s discuss 12 unique dog toys and their benefits.

Your dog’s well-being is important, and your dog may need a safe place to play with his unique dog toys. Why not consider a custom dog kennel for your pet?

Unique Dog Toys for Dental Health

unique dog toys dental

Dental health is important for your dog, and developing a dental disease will be very painful for your pet. What if you could find a way to make your puppy enjoy cleaning its teeth? Let’s take a look at some unique dog toys your canine will enjoy playing with that may also improve the health of its teeth and gums.

Corn Teeth-Cleaning Dog Chewing Toy

This particular chew toy is shaped like a bright-colored yellow corn cob and is a great multipurpose toy. Add your dog’s toothpaste to crevices on the surface to help clean their teeth without their knowledge!

Some added squeakiness will keep your dog’s attention (though it may shorten yours), and the kernels on the cob are designed to reach all areas in your dog’s mouth. In addition, this toy is strong enough to handle even the hardest bites and comes with a rope for easy tossing!

Dog Treat Toy Ball

This versatile chew toy comes in a pack of 2, a green ball and a blue ball. Not only are these unique dog toys good for chasing, like regular balls, but they also come with a rubber, sawtooth antiskid surface that fits the tooth shape of your dog. This will help keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean. The slots in the antiskid surface are perfect for storing little treats that your dog can eat as he plays with the ball.

Looking for some homemade treats you can put in your dog’s toy ball? Check out this article on 25 dog treats you can make!

PetSafe Busy Buddy Bristle Bone

This toy is a lot more than a regular dog bone. The bone is made from heavy-duty materials to withstand a lot of chewing, and rubber nubs and bristles help to clean your dog’s teeth as it chews on the toy.

Three chewing surfaces are featured on the bone, and four rawhide rings are included in the toy. Help your pet keep its teeth clean and enjoy endless chewing on this multi-texture toy bone.

Unique Dog Toys for Mental Health

unique dog toys mental health 1

Promoting mental health in your dog is sometimes overlooked. Like humans, dogs can grow stressed, bored, and anxious. Let’s look at a few unique dog toys that can help your dog improve its mental stimulation.

Paw 5 Dog Snuffle Mat

Do you ever eat your food too fast? Dogs do too, and this can cause indigestion. The Dog Snuffle Mat is designed to mimic grass and help your dog feel like it’s outside, as well as help it stay occupied and deal with boredom. The snuffle mat can be used instead of a dog bowl and will promote slower eating, which will reduce bloating and gulping.

Simply dump the dry dog food on the mat and allow your dog to take its time digging out the pieces. Made from soft cotton fibers, this mat can be washed routinely in a standard washer. Invest in a sustainable cotton mat, and help your dog slow down and enjoy his meal times.

Dog Treat Puzzle Toy

There’s no better motivation than food, right? Encourage your dog to do some mental work while it enjoys supper. This puzzle toy includes 14 sliding pieces that your dog will need to maneuver to find the hidden food. Promote mental health and slow down your dog’s gulping habits with this stimulating toy.

Encourage your dog to put in some work and make suppertime a mental exercise. Made with nontoxic materials and bright colors, this puzzle game is just the interactive toy your dog may need.

Hide-a-Squirrel Dog Toy

Not only is this toy super cute, but a large variety of animals, like birds, raccoons, bees, and foxes, are available for purchase in place of the squirrels.

These squeaky squirrels can be tucked away in the trunk of the tree, promoting mental stimulation as your dog attempts to track them down. Toss the squirrels to your dog or let it dig for them on its own. This stuffed toy is gentle on teeth and gums and will cure any boredom your dog may have!

Unique Dog Toys for Physical Health

unique dog toys physical health

It is important to recognize that, like your dog’s mental and dental health, its physical health is vitally important, maybe the most important of the three. There are many toys available for your dog that promote plenty of exercise and movement. Let’s take a look at three unique dog toys that will improve your canine’s physical health.

Caring for your dog’s health also means watching what they eat. Check out this blog for some tips on what your dog should not eat.

DIBBATU Flirt Pole for Dogs

Do you enjoy fishing? How about “dog” fishing? This toy is roughly similar to a fishing rod in its design and will help to build a connection between you and your dog. This flirt pole is made with quality materials like heavy-duty stainless steel and a strong nylon cord that can withstand your dog’s bite.

Use this toy to encourage movement in your dog, like jumping and catching. The pieces are detachable, and the package comes with a pole toy, a nylon rope that can be used on its own if desired, and a colorful cord on the end for your dog to bite. Get your dog outside and moving with this creative dog toy!

Belobill Interactive Dog Ball

Dogs are known for loving things that roll! And this unique dog toy is no ordinary ball. This ball comes with a remote, allowing you to use various modes like the “bouncing mode” and “irregular running mode.” With built-in multicolored flashlights, this toy will keep your pet’s attention and entertain for hours.

Because you care about the health of your dog, the ball is created with natural, durable rubber that is non-toxic and safe for your pet. It can also operate on virtually any hard surface, like wood, concrete, etc. Since it is waterproof, you can take it in the pool with you and your dog! Give your dog plenty of exercise with this creative and captivating dog toy!

Tumbo Tugger Dog Toy

If you are the kind of person who is busy and doesn’t have a lot of time to play with your dog, this solo dog toy may come in handy. The Tumbo Tugger is a strong bungee toy that creates a stretchy force for your dog to pull and tug in your yard as it bounces and swings around them. Attach it to a tree and let your dog play tug of war all on its own!

Follow the simple instructions to attach the rope and ball toy to the bungee. This dog toy will not get dirty or lost if it is securely attached to the tree and hanging off the ground at just the right height for your dog. Consider this dog toy for your dogs, and watch them spend hours of fun under the tree!

Bonus Feature: Doggie Jungle Portable Water Bottle

Your dog’s hydration is important during playtime. Having water readily available for your dog in hot weather is vital to maintain its health.

Consider a portable dog water bottle that you can have on hand for your thirsty dog at any time. Use the dog water bottle for trips, hiking, or any other outdoor activity! It also comes with a compartment to store dog food!

Dog Kennels for Your Furry Friends

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Now that you are equipped with a good list of unique dog toys for physical, mental, and dental health, you may want to consider the other important factors to your dog’s health and well-being. How beneficial will your dog’s toys be if your dog doesn’t have a safe and secure place to play with them? What about a place to store your dog’s toys? The Dog Kennel Collection offers quality dog kennels for a single dog or multiple dogs! Whether you have one dog or twelve, we have the right dog kennel for you!
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