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Dog Kennels for German Shepherds

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Intelligent. Loyal. Muscular. Your German Shepherd is likely a great guard dog and a wonderful family pet. If you are looking for a quality dog kennel for German Shepherds, then you have come to the right place. Take a look at our dog kennel options and let us help you customize the ideal kennel for your faithful canine.

Our Dog Kennel for German Shepherd Choices

What Should I Look for in a Dog Kennel for German Shepherds?

Durable Construction

The first thing you are going to want to look for in a dog kennel for German Shepherds is durability in the construction of the kennel. German Shepherds are generally large, muscular dogs, and a kennel that is not built sturdily may not hold up well after a year or two of wear and tear. Be sure the fencing is secure and the locks are not easily compromised. It is better to spend more on a quality kennel than to need to constantly repair a cheap kennel.

Proper Ventilation

Dealing with bad odor in your dog kennel? Bad odor can come from poor ventilation in the dog kennel, and poor ventilation can lead to respiratory issues in your German Shepherds. Improve the ventilation in your dog kennel by placing your kennel in a breezy location. Add vents in your kennel or invest in chainlink or aluminum fencing to improve airflow to the kennel run.

Easy-to-Clean Features

Like most dogs, German Shepherds can be quite messy, and having a kennel with features that are easy to clean will go a long way in improving the sanitation of your dog kennel. Certain flooring options like composite decking on the run, or polyurea flooring in the interior of the kennel are great options that are stain-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Consider glass-board in the interior walls and removable feeders as well.

Best Kennel Sizes for German Shepherds

Are you wondering what size kennel to get for your German Shepherd? Invest in a kennel that is at least twice the length of your dog, and twice the width of your dog. The Dog Kennel Collection has a selection of outdoor dog kennels in various sizes, so you can find the dog kennel for German Shepherds you need. We have 8×10 kennels, 12×16 kennels, and 12×24 kennels, to name a few. Find and customize just the kennel you need for your dog.

Commonly Asked Questions about Dog Kennels

There are multiple options for your kennel fencing that could work well, but some popular options are chainlink fencing in the kennel run or aluminum paneling. Be sure that whatever fencing you choose will hold up and can not be chewed through or broken through easily.

It is not recommended that you leave your German Shepherd in the kennel for more than a couple of hours. German Shepherds are energetic dogs and can grow restless in the kennel. Be sure to give your dogs the opportunity to run outside and stretch their legs at least a few times a day if possible.

Climate-Controlled Dog Kennels for German Shepherds

Wondering how to keep the temperature in your kennel regulated? Check out our dog kennel features and options to climate control your kennel.

Our dog kennels are built with spray foam insulation and vented soffit, as well as batten insulation in the walls. We also offer a number of options to add to your kennel to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Get an AC unit for your kennel, or a heater. We also have a selection of fans and other humidity control and ventilation options.

Custom Dog Kennels for German Shepherds

Take a look at the ways you can customize your kennel to make it truly your own! Choose from our large selection of colors for your kennel siding, and choose the siding and roofing materials you want to create an aesthetic kennel that matches your property.

The Dog Kennel Collection has a large selection of options to customize your kennel to the needs of your German Shepherd. Take a look at our wash-down options to create a more sanitary kennel and our aluminum cabinet options for more interior storage. We also offer window options and multiple dog doors for your pet. Take a look at all our custom kennel options and features.

Our Dog Kennels for German Shepherds

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