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We Manufacture Comfortable and Safe Environments for Your Special Pets

Dog Kennel Options and Features Create the Ideal Kennel for your Pet

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Get started designing your dream dog kennel with our extensive list of customizable dog kennel options!

At the Dog Kennel Collection, we are committed to building outdoor dog kennels that fit the specific needs of your pet. Take a look at our extensive options designed to create a safe, comfortable, and clean haven for your pet. Whether you need whelping nests for your breeding kennel or wash-down options for your boarding kennel, we have just what you need to create the ideal environment for your furry friends.

Dog Kennel Options

Climate Control Options

climate control dog kennel options

Siding, Roofing, and Trim

siding roofing and trim- dog kennel options

Doors and Windows

doors and windows- dog kennel options

Dog Kennel Doors

dog doors- dog kennel options

Feeding and Watering

feeding and watering- dog kennel options

Wash Down Solutions

wash down solutions- dog kennel options

Aluminum Cabinets

aluminum cabinets dog kennel options

Lighting and Power

lighting and power- dog kennel options

Whelping Options

Whelping Pad option in a commercial dog kennel

Ventilation and Humidity

dog kennel options- ventilation

Fencing and Flooring

dog kennel options- fencing and flooring

Water Heater Options

dog kennel options- water heater

Color Options

size of a dog kennel

Features in our Commercial Dog Kennels

If you are interested in a dog kennel for your pet that is built with care and includes all the necessities that a good kennel should have, then you have come to the right place. Take a look at our list of standard features included in our commercial dog kennels and see for yourself why The Dog Kennel Collection is the best in the business.

dog kennel options and features- polyurea flooring

Polyurea Coated Smart Floor

  • Durable
  • Watertight
  • Withstands heavy traffic and harsh chemicals
Dog kennel options and features- Pressure treated floor joists

Pressure Treated Floor Joists

  • 2×4 joists
  • 4×6 runners
  • Specially treated to withstand deterioration
dog kennel options and features- batten insulation

Batten Insulation

  • In the walls and ceilings of the kennel
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Maintains a comfortable temperature in the kennel
dog kennel options and features- spray foam insulation

R-13 Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

  • Durable
  • Watertight
  • High resistance to heat flow
LP Smartside siding- dog kennel options and features

LP Smartside Siding

  • Painted the color of your choice
  • Durable
  • Resistant to rot and decay
dog kennel options and features- pine board batten siding

Pine Board/Batten Siding

  • Stained the color of your choice
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Allows for some ventilation

shingle roof- dog kennel options and features

Shingle Roof

  • 30-Year Architect Shingles
  • Affordable option
  • Durable
cathedral ceiling- dog kennel options and features

Cathedral Ceiling

  • Makes dogs and kennels feel less confined
  • Creates more natural lighting
  • Provides better air circulation and ventilation
dog kennel options and features- cathedral ceiling

Composite Decking

  • Durable and scratch-resistant
  • Resistant to stains and odors
  • Comfortable and splinter-free

trusscore lined- dog kennel options and features

PVC Trusscore Lined

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Hidden fastener system
vented ridge cap- dog kennel options and features

Vented Ridge Cap

  • Facilitates the flow of air through roof space
  • Better temperature control
  • Reduces energy costs by reducing heat buildup
vented soffit- dog kennel options and features

Vented Soffit

  • Regulates temperature in the kennel
  • Creates better airflow
  • Reduces humidity and condensation in the kennel

insulation baffles- dog kennel options and features

Insulation Baffles

  • Prevent insulation materials from blocking airflow
  • Ensure that insulation is evenly distributed
  • Promotes proper ventilation
glassboard in kennel- dog kennel options and features

Glass board on Exterior Run Wall

  • 4′ high on the run wall
  • Non-porous and easy to clean
  • Durable and resistant to moisture and odor
  • Shatter resistant
dog door plexiglass- dog kennel options and features

Spring Loaded 20″ Plexiglass Dog Door

  • Spring loaded to assist in opening and closing the door
  • Made from Plexiglass, a durable and transparent plastic material
  • Seal minimizes draft and heat loss
chain link panels- dog kennel options and features

11.5 GA Chain-Link Panels

  • Thicker wiring for stronger and more robust panels
  • Able to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Offers excellent visibility into the kennel
6 panel door- dog kennel options and features

6- Panel White Entry Door

  • Easy access to the kennel
  • Traditional and classic appearance

doggie hole trim kit- dog kennel options and features

Molded Plastic Doggie Hole Trim Kit

  • Provides a clean and polished look for dog door
  • Color of your choice
  • Covers rough and exposed edges
double hung windows- dog kennel options and features

Insulated Double Hung Windows

  • Screened 24″x36″ windows with grids and low E
  • Can be opened from the top and bottom
  • Helps to soundproof the kennel
vinyl posts- dog kennel options and features

Vinyl Posts

  • Resistant to rot, rust, and insects
  • Highly durable and weather-resistant
  • Low maintenance