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Dog Kennels for Cocker Spaniels

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Affectionate. Playful. Beautiful. Cocker Spaniels are intelligent dogs with wavy fur and long ears. These dogs are generally easy to please and great with families. If you are having trouble finding the right kind of dog kennel or dog house for your Cocker Spaniel, have no fear. Take a look at what The Dog Kennel Collection has to offer and find the dog kennel for Cocker Spaniels that you have been looking for.

Our Dog Kennel for Cocker Spaniel Options

What Should I Look for in a Dog Kennel for Cocker Spaniels?


Like most dogs, Cocker Spaniels can be quite energetic, and a kennel that is not built sturdily may take some damage. Invest in a kennel with quality features, like durable composite decking for the floor, or glassboard for the interior walls. Be sure to use strong fencing on the run, like chain link or aluminum paneling, to keep your Cocker Spaniel from escaping the kennel or breaking through the fence. Consider the food and water bowls you have, and invest in ones that can withstand chewing and will last for as long as you need them.

Easy-to-Clean Features

Sometimes it may be easy to buy a kennel without thinking of including features in your kennel that are easy to clean. Over time, outdoor dog kennels are likely to smell and show wear and tear, so try to think of features for your kennel that are easy to clean and won’t leave marks or stains behind. Some kennel flooring like rubber or gravel, may not be as easy to keep clean and may appear to show stains or look unattractive over time. Consider flooring like polyurea to withstand chemicals in cleaners and make for easy wash-down in the kennel.


Is your dog safe from the elements in its kennel? Can you move your kennel to keep your dog out of the rain or windy weather? Be sure that the kennel or dog house you choose is portable and can be moved to a location that is safe and dry for your dogs. Check the locks in the kennel to make sure they are not compromised and check the fencing to make sure it is not coming loose and giving your dog a way to escape. Also, be sure that there are no sharp edges in the kennel or different items that are lying around that could be harmful to your dog. Create a safe environment in your kennel, so you can trust your pet not to harm itself when left alone for some time.

Dog Kennel Sizes for Cocker Spaniels

What size kennel should you get for your Cocker Spaniel? It can be tricky to know what size of kennel is appropriate for your dog. If you are unsure if the kennel is large enough for your canine, check if it is at least twice the length of its body and double the width. The Dog Kennel Collection offers a variety of dog kennels that would be a great fit for your Cocker Spaniel. We offer 8×10 residential kennels for one dog, 20×60 commercial kennels for multiple dogs, and a host of other sizes in between. Browse through our broad collection of kennels and find just the dog kennel for Cocker Spaniels you need.

Commonly Asked Questions about Dog Kennels

Be sure that there is nothing in the kennel that can cause harm to your Cocker Spaniel, and add toys, soft bedding, and durable feeding bowls to make the kennel comfortable and inviting for your pet.

Keeping your dog in the kennel for more than several hours at a time is not a great idea. Cocker Spaniels need exercise and time to socialize, and they may grow restless and anxious in the kennel for long periods of time.

Climate-Controlled Dog Kennels for Cocker Spaniels

In the summer or winter months, the temperatures in your kennel may grow extremely hot or cold. The Dog Kennel Collection offers a variety of features and options focused on keeping your kennel comfortable and safe for your dog year-round.

Take a look at our AC options to keep your kennel cool in the heat, or our heating options to keep it warm in the cold weather. We can do heated flooring in your kennel and we offer water heater options to provide your dogs with warm water in the winter months.

Custom Dog Kennels for Cocker Spaniels

Customizing your kennel to your tastes is our specialty at The Dog Kennel Collection. We can help you design the ideal kennel for Cocker Spaniels. Choose from our broad selection of colors for your roofing and siding, and create a kennel that adds to the aesthetic and appearance of your property, and doesn’t take away from it.

The options to customize your kennel are endless. We offer whelping nests and other whelping supplies for whelping mothers, and different supplies for growing pups. Add windows to your kennel, an interior hose for wash-down, aluminum cabinets for storage, and additional vents for better ventilation and humidity control. Take a look at our full list of options and features and get started customizing your kennel today!

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