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Dog Kennels for Great Danes

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Tall. Sleek. Good-natured. Do these words describe your Great Dane? These canines are known to be athletic dogs that have a sleek, muscular build and are gentle and friendly. Maybe your Great Dane has been a house dog up to this point, and you think it’s time for a change. Chances are, you really care for your Great Dane and want to give it a home where you know your pet will be happy and comfortable. Let us help you find the ideal kennel for Great Dane dogs.

Our Dog Kennel for Great Dane Choices

What Should I Look for in a Kennel for Great Danes?

Size and Space

Because they can grow to be quite tall dogs, Great Danes need a kennel that will provide them with ample space to stretch their legs and move around. Make sure that your dog’s kennel is at least twice the width and the length of their body. Consider a kennel with a connecting dog door that can be opened by your dog, so it can go in and out of the run on its own. While it is good to have a kennel that is plenty large for your dog, be sure to climate control your kennel in some ways so that your dog is not getting chilly in the kennel.

Ventilation and Airflow

Having proper ventilation in your kennel for Great Danes is very important to keep your dogs healthy and comfortable. Not only will a poorly ventilated kennel begin to stink, but it is unhealthy for your dogs, and can cause respiratory issues over time. In the summer, lack of airflow in the dog kennel can cause your Great Dane to become uncomfortable, and worse, overheat. Try positioning the kennel in a place where breezes can reach your dog, and use fencing like chainlink or aluminum paneling to allow air to flow through the dog run. Regular cleaning of the kennel can also help to keep the air fresh and bad odors at bay.

Easy Maintenance

No one likes to spend hours scrubbing the floors in the dog kennel, or washing out dirty, stained feed bowls. Invest in a kennel that has easy-to-clean features like smooth composite decking on the runs, or polyurea flooring on the interior. Removable dog food trays make for easy cleaning, and stainless steel food and water bowls can be washed easily and are resistant to stains. Proper drainage in a kennel makes for efficient cleaning by simply rinsing everything into the drain. Interior wash-down options in your kennel, like a wash tub or a hose, can make obtaining hot water and washing down the kennel interior a much easier job.

Best Kennel Sizes for Great Danes

What size kennel should you invest in for your Great Dane dog? It can be hard to know what the proper size kennel for Great Danes is, but if you are doubting if a kennel is large enough, it is wise to size up. Great Danes are long dogs and should not be cramped into close quarters. The Dog Kennel Collection has a large variety of kennel sizes for your Great Dane. Our smallest kennels are still an ample 80 square feet, (8×10), and our largest kennels can house up to 16 dogs. Let us help you find the perfect kennel size.

Commonly Asked Questions about Dog Kennels

Look for kennels that have some kind of wire mesh for the run where air can come through into the kennel. Choose a kennel that has vents built into it, and position the kennel on your property where it will have enough airflow.

Invest in locks for your kennel that will keep your dog inside and are not easy to compromise. Check for weak spots in your kennel fencing, and for sharp areas in the kennel, (along the door, on the feeders or fence) that could potentially hurt your dog. Also, it is important to invest in flooring that is comfortable for your dog’s feet and joints. Avoid fine gravel, as it can become stuck in their paws.

Keeping the kennel clean is important to your dog’s health and the general odor and appearance of the kennel. Clean the kennel weekly or biweekly, and do a deep clean monthly or whenever you deem it necessary.

Climate-Controlled Dog Kennels for Great Danes

We know you care about the comfort and well-being of your Great Dane, and in extreme temperatures, the well-being of your dog may be at risk. Be sure that the temperature in your kennel is not too hot or too cold, and look for a kennel with features that help to keep the temperature of the kennel stable.

The Dog Kennel Collection offers a host of climate control options for your kennel, as well as some built-in features that are standard for every kennel. Some climate control features of our kennels include spray foam insulation, vented soffit, and batten insulation in the walls. We also offer heating and cooling options like wall furnaces, thermostat heaters, AC units, and humidity and ventilation options for a comfortable and safe kennel.

Custom Dog Kennels for Great Danes

The ways you can customize a kennel from THe Dog Kennel Collection are virtually endless. Choose from our extensive list of over 20 metal color options for your siding, and choose the material and color of your kennel roof. We also offer a large variety of paint and stain options for your kennel siding. Your dog kennel should add to the aesthetic of your property, not take away from it.

What other features would you like added to your kennel for Great Dane dogs? Add more windows to your kennel for better ventilation and lighting, or wash-down options in your kennel like an interior hose for efficient kennel cleaning. Whelping dogs? We have whelping nests for your mother and her babies, and heaters to provide your dogs with a warm kennel in the wintertime. Choose from our flooring and fencing options, cabinet options, and more! You decide what kind of kennel is best for your Great Dane!

Our Dog Kennels for Great Danes

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