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Dog Kennels For Sale In Joliet IL

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Are you looking for an upgrade for your dog’s living space? Whether it’s for personal use or to enhance your dog breeding business, your quest concludes with The Dog Kennel Collection! We’re enthusiastic about helping you discover the ideal fit for your furry companions. Download our catalog to explore our wide range of options for dog kennels for sale in Joliet IL, or continue reading to learn more about what distinguishes us.

Dog Kennels For Sale in Joliet IL

Luxury Dog Kennels For Sale in Joliet IL

Dog kennels often carry a negative reputation and are thought of as dirty and cramped. However, we’re here to alter that perception. At The Dog Kennel Collection, we construct kennels that prioritize safety and comfort for your pets while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your yard!

Our dog kennels for sale in Joliet IL, offer full customization. You have the flexibility to select from various colors for both the exterior and interior, including features such as wash-down areas and climate control.

Our Residential and Commercial Dog Kennels For Sale in Joliet IL

Options for Your Dog Kennels For Sale in Joliet IL

Enhance your dogs’ living experience with our premium add-ons for dog kennels for sale in Joliet IL!

dog kennels for sale in Joliet IL

Doggie Door Options

Are you curious about the type of door to choose for your dog kennels for sale in Joliet, IL? Explore our extensive range of dog doors available in different sizes, allowing you to tailor the door to perfectly suit your pet. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Plexiglass Dog Doors
  • Pet Safe Dog Doors
  • Guillotine Dog Doors
  • Aluminum Dog Doors
dog kennels for sale in Joliet IL

Wash Down Solutions

Keeping your kennel clean can be demanding, but with the right wash-down solutions, you can simplify and streamline the process. Explore our selection of wash-down solutions designed to make kennel cleaning easier and more efficient.

  • Exterior Water Faucet
  • Wash Tub in Interior
  • Stainless Steel Channel Drains
  • Retractable Hose Reels
dog kennels for sale in Joliet IL

Heat/Cool Options

Struggling to regulate the temperature in your kennel? Fear not! We offer various climate control features tailored to your dog’s comfort. Explore the following options to easily heat or cool your dog kennel:

  • Wall Mount Thermostat Heater
  • 110 V AC Unit
  • Mini Split Heater/ AC Unit
  • Direct Vent Wall Furnace
dog kennels for sale in Joliet IL

Chantel’s Large Dog Kennel in New Jersey

Discover Chantel’s story from Cape May as she discusses how a commercial dog kennel from The Dog Kennel Collection became the perfect solution for her Dalmatian family. As a breeder, she faces distinct challenges compared to regular pet owners.

Chantel’s priority was maintaining a clean and sanitized environment for her dogs while ensuring their safety. Learn more about how The Dog Kennel Collection constructed the ideal kennel tailored to her dogs’ needs.

Dog Kennel Dealers in Illinois

Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, The Dog Kennel Collection distributes kennels nationwide through a network of dealers. Although we do not currently have dealers in Illinois, neighboring states may have dealers who can deliver to you. Click the button below to find your nearest dealer by providing your address. If no dealers are nearby, don’t worry! We’re ready to work directly with you to ensure you get the kennel you require.

An Outdoor Dog Kennel Testimonial

We love our kennel! We rescued two Great Pyrenees that had separation anxiety and could get very destructive when left. Regular dog crates are just too small for them and get hot. They love their kennel, especially the air conditioning in Texas heat. We can leave them for several hours with complete peace of mind.

Cliff and Allyn Dukes

Dog Kennels For Sale in Joliet IL: Commonly Asked Questions

What size dog kennel do I need for my dog?

Finding the right size kennel for your pet can be a bit tricky. It’s better to err on the side of caution and choose a kennel that’s slightly larger rather than too snug. Aim for a kennel that’s at least twice the length and width of your dog, ensuring they have enough space to move comfortably. Also, think about adding an outdoor run to provide your dog with extra room to roam and enjoy the fresh air.

Are there specific features I should include in my dog kennel?

The features you decide to include in your kennel can differ based on your dogs’ requirements and breed traits. Consider selecting robust flooring like Polyurea Smartfloor, recognized for its stain resistance and paw-friendly comfort. Ensure the fencing for the run is sturdy, and consider integrating interior wash-down features to uphold a hygienic kennel environment.

What is the cost range for dog kennels, and are there budget options available?

The cost of our dog kennels from The Dog Kennel Collection varies depending on several factors. Residential kennels typically range from $5,000 to $15,000, depending on size and additional features. Meanwhile, commercial kennels can range from $20,000 to $100,000, influenced by factors such as the number of runs and extra features. For those seeking more budget-friendly options, we also offer dog kennel kits through our online store, Backyard Pet Supplies.

How often should I clean my dog’s kennel?

Keeping the kennel clean may not be the most appealing task, but it’s crucial. Regularly washing down your kennel is essential, ideally at least once a month. To simplify this task, consider adding wash-down features like an interior hose or a wash basin. Additionally, installing channel drains in the runs can help wash away waste and dirt, as well as manage excess water and liquid disposal.

Commercial Dog Kennel Regulations in Joliet IL

Check with your local authorities before you set up a commercial dog kennel to make sure you have all the legalities in place. Depending on the use of your kennel, you will need certain licenses or permits to operate your kennel. There are other standards that your facility must meet in order to be approved for a license.

Facility Standards

Each commercial dog kennel must provide a safe and healthy setting for the pups in their care. This includes things like providing the animals with fresh water and adequate food, sanitization, and proper record keeping.

Dog Kennel Licensure

You need a valid Animal Care License in order to operate any type of animal care facility, humane society, veterinary hospital, or permanent animal exhibition.

This will require your facility to be inspected and approved before you can proceed. Consult your local authorities to find out more!

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kennel for working dogs- dog kennels for sale in Joliet IL

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