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Dog Kennels for Bulldogs

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Affectionate. Pudgy. Gentle. Are these all words to describe your English Bulldog? These little canines are known for their distinctive face and stocky build, as well as their loyalty and friendly temperament. These funny-looking little dogs may be valuable members of your family. Like any good dog owner, you want the best for your little pet, and that means giving them a warm place to sleep and a safe home to live in. Our dog kennels are built with that in mind. Let us help you find the perfect kennel for English Bulldogs.

Our Dog Kennel for English Bulldog Choices

What Should I Look for in an English Bulldog Kennel?

Temperature Control and Ventilation

Bulldogs are known to be a bit more prone to health issues due to their unique physical traits. They can be more susceptible to overheating and may struggle with breathing difficulties. Keep this in mind when shopping for a kennel for English Bulldogs. You may want to invest in a kennel that is temperature-controlled with heating and AC. Bulldogs can overheat fairly easily, so having a kennel with good ventilation that keeps them out of the sun will go a long way in keeping them cool.

Easy-to-Clean Features

Bulldogs can be messy animals and having a kennel with features that are easy to clean will keep your dog healthier and save you extra stress. Consider a raised floor for easier washdown, and poly flooring that is stain resistant and can be washed down easily. Some flooring options like concrete or rubber may stain or not be very resistant to chemicals in harsh cleaners. Glassboard on the walls is also easy to wipe down and resistant to odor and moisture. Having a clean kennel will reduce the likelihood of your bulldog contracting a respiratory disease or some other type of health issue.

Weather-resistant and Sturdy

How well does your kennel or dog house shelter your bulldog from the rain and wind? This breed of dog is quite sensitive to extreme temperatures and may not fare well in cold, damp, or humid conditions. Make sure your dog has a place in the kennel where it can be tucked away out of the elements. Invest in a dog kennel for English Bulldogs that is sturdy and resistant to chewing, scratching, and other wear and tear.

Best Kennel Sizes for Bulldogs

What size of kennel should you get for your English Bulldog? It may be tricky knowing what size is the best choice for your pet, but the rules are rather simple. Be sure the kennel is at least the length of your dog, with some room to spare, and twice the width of your dog. Larger is better, if you can keep it temperature-controlled. Consider adding items to the kennel to make it more cozy if it seems to be on the larger side for your small dog.

The Dog Kennel Collection offers a selection of outdoor dog kennels for your English Bulldog. We have kennels for just one dog, and kennels for up to 16 dogs! Browse our kennels and find just the one you need. (You can customize too.)

Commonly Asked Questions about Dog Kennels

A portable kennel is a good option for your English Bulldog. You can move the kennel where you need to in order to keep your dog out of rain, wind, or hot sun.

Though bulldogs are not the most energetic dogs and may not mind lying around in the kennel, it is important to remember that they are still fairly social and need to get out at least once or twice a day to exercise and get some mental stimulation.

If at all possible, be sure to clean your kennel at least every week or every other week. Bulldogs are known to be sickly dogs and need a clean kennel. Keep the kennel clean by washing down the floors and cleaning out their food and water bowls. Keeping the kennel clean and dry will make for a happier and healthier dog.

Climate-Controlled Dog Kennels for English Bulldogs

The Dog Kennel Collection offers a variety of features to climate control your kennel for bulldogs. In the summer your kennel may grow very warm and in the winter it may get very cold. Our dog kennels are designed to be fully customized by you!

Add an AC unit to your kennel to keep your English Bulldog more comfortable in the heat, and consider a heater in the cold months when the air is bitter and chilly. Our kennels are built with insulation and other features to keep the temperature of your kennel regulated, but we offer a host of options you can add as well.

Custom Dog Kennels for English Bulldogs

How would you like to customize a dog kennel for your English Bulldog? The ways are endless. Would you like a kennel with a green siding and a metal roof? What about a kennel powered by solar? Would you like a kennel for your dog that is a shed kennel combo?

Our options for your kennel include a variety of cabinet options for the interior, windows for better lighting and more ventilation, whelping beds for your whelping season, and wash-down options for easy cleaning. Take a look at all of our options!

Our Dog Kennels for English Bulldogs

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