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Dog Kennels for Rottweilers

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Powerful. Intelligent. Loyal. Rottweilers are known to be confident muscular dogs that can effectively keep robbers away. This breed of dog originates from Germany and was originally bred to herd livestock and pull carts for butchers. Your Rottweiler dogs deserve a safe place to live, and we want to help you design that for them.

Our Dog Kennel for Rottweiler Choices

What Should I Look for in a Rottweiler Dog Kennel?

Adequate Space

Rottweilers are considered to be large dogs and will need a kennel that gives them enough space. Be sure that your kennel is at least the length of its body and at least twice its width. Opt for a larger kennel rather than a smaller one. You want your dog to be able to move around while inside. Leaving a dog like a Rottweiler in a tight kennel can lead to restlessness and destructive behavior.

Sturdiness and Durability

This breed of dog is known to be stocky and strong and a small kennel with flimsy fencing may not do the trick. Invest in durable siding, fencing, and flooring for your kennel. Chain link fencing on the run or aluminum paneling may be a good sturdy option that offers good visibility so you can see clearly into the kennel. Consider durable flooring like composite decking or polyurea in the interior, and glass board on the walls. Be sure that your kennel does not have sharp parts that can hurt your dog, and has features that can withstand chewing, scratching, and other similar destructive behavior.

Security Features

Are the locks in your kennel secure? Some Rottweilers can be exceptionally violent with strangers, and having a kennel that is not secure can be dangerous for your dogs and other people. Be sure the locks are not easily compromised by them, and the fencing will not give under much pressure.

Best Kennel Sizes for Rottweilers

Trying to find the right size kennel for Rottweilers can be tricky. If you are unsure whether the kennel gives your dog enough space, then consider sizing up. An 8×10 kennel for one dog is a good option, but The Dog Kennel Collection offers a variety of kennels in a variety of sizes. Consider an 8×14 kennel or an 8×16 kennel. We offer kennels for multiple dogs as well, and have kennels that can house up to 16 dogs!

Commonly Asked Questions about Dog Kennels

It is not ideal to leave a Rottweiler in a kennel for long periods of time. Rottweilers need daily exercise and interactions outside the kennel. If you need to keep your dog in for several hours, be sure there is adequate water, maybe some toys, and enough space for them to walk around.

Try to do some basic cleaning once a week. Wash down the interior and clean out their food bowls. Deep cleaning should be done every few weeks or once a month.

Climate-Controlled Dog Kennels for Rottweilers

Are you worried about your dog in the colder months? Rottweilers are durable dogs, but in extreme temperatures, you have good reason to be worried about your dogs. Dogs can grow overheated sitting in the hot sun in their kennel or being outside in summer temperatures.

The Dog Kennel Collection offers a variety of climate control options like our AC units and heaters to help your dog stay comfortable in both the hot and cold seasons. We offer heated flooring for your kennel, and water heaters to provide your dogs with hot water in the cold months. We want to help you keep your dogs happy and healthy in their kennel.

Custom Dog Kennels for Rottweilers

What are some ways you want to customize your kennel? We offer a variety of siding and roofing materials and colors for your kennel. Want a green kennel with metal siding and a black roof? We got you! Customization is our specialty and we want to create your kennel just how YOU want it.

For the kennel interior, check out our selection of cabinet options for storage, or wash-down options for a clean and sanitary kennel. Dealing with whelping dogs? We have whelping nests and many more options available for both mothers and babies. Choose the feeding and watering options you want, as well as the run flooring, fencing, and much more!

Our Dog Kennels for Rottweilers

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