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How Much Dog Boarding Costs?

Myrna Kauffman - January 23, 2024

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dog boarding cost

Dog owners know that arranging a vacation is never as simple as booking a hotel and packing your belongings. If you have a pet, you must also find a place for your dogs to stay while you are out of town. But how much does dog boarding cost? What are the finest choices for your canine companion?

Dog boarding kennels are an alternative for your dog when you are away on holiday. Dog kennels are available in multiple sizes (most of them are customizable for ease of your canine companion). Dog kennels make your life way more manageable in terms of the security and easiness of your pooch. All types of dogs, regardless of their age, breed, and kind, love dog kennels.

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Some other benefits of dog kennels for boarding include:

Provides Enough Space: Dog kennels give an excellent secure area for dogs to ensure that they do not become bored while in them.

More Affordable than Fences: Dog kennels are less expensive than fences when the total cost is considered reliable.

Due to dog kennel advancement in design and comfort in all the excellent boarding facilities, now you do not have to worry about your dog while on an outdoor trip/business meeting. Having a decent boarding facility where you know your dog is safe and happy in a dog kennel makes all the difference in feeling good about going away on a trip.

Having a decent boarding facility where you know your dog is safe and happy makes all the difference in feeling good about going away on a trip.

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How Much Does Dog Boarding Cost?

The dog boarding cost can vary, depending for the most part on where you are in the country and what services are offered. Many boarding facilities offer group playtime during the day and other things you may add, like training, grooming, treats, and walks. You should anticipate somewhere from $22 to upwards of $60 a night to board your dog.

Dog Boarding is offered in practically all places, from big cities to tiny communities. Most boarders offer dogs housing and night-time care in their homes or retain specific dog kennels placed on their property.

Whenever signing on with a new dog boarding service, thoroughly investigate the facility and undertake a site visit. Not only would you want to inspect the facility for yourself, but most dog boarders also require an initial meet-and-greet visit. It allows them to get to know your dogs and ensure that they are well-behaved before introducing them to the group.

Depending on your dog’s attempts to find the correct persons, the inaugural session is, in general, free. You can board your dogs whenever you need once you’ve established a relationship with a boarding facility, as long as you maintain your pet’s immunizations up to date. The following are some of the elements that influence the cost of boarding your dog.

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Daily Dog Boarding Rates

Each 24-hour session costs $45 for the first dog. For every 24 hours, each extra dog from the same family costs $22.50. During the stay, owners provide food for their dogs.

Many dog boarding facilities charge the same daily amount for all dogs, regardless of size or breed. Some facilities charge the same daily amount irrespective of how long your dog stays; others may give you a discount if you board your dog for extended periods. The daily charge will consider the dog border’s operating costs, such as overhead, employee compensation, rent or mortgage, utilities, and dog-care equipment (fence, shampoos, water bowls, leashes, and so on).

The higher the cost of doing business in a particular area, the higher the average daily dog boarding fees will almost certainly be. Because they don’t have the same level of commercial overhead as a dedicated dog boarding facility, smaller mom-and-pop enterprises, such as homeowners who board a dog or two at a time in their own house, may have lower daily fees.

If a dog is very aggressive and needs to be secluded, daily costs may rise. The higher charges reflect the additional effort, employee time, and resources boarding facilities will not accept aggressive dogs or females in heat, so always inquire. Illness or old age are two other causes that could raise your daily rates. Senior dogs may require specialized care or medical treatment, which necessitates additional employee training and effort. Some old dogs need assistance with mobility, which might raise daily fees.

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Dog Boarding in Your Own Home

In-home dog care is an option for owners who wish their dogs to stay in their own house while they are away from home. In-home dog care, Sometimes known as dog sitting, is a suitable option for dogs with mobility challenges, separation anxiety, or anxiety around other dogs or unfamiliar settings. Your dog gets to stay in the relief of their own home while the dog sitter keeps an eye on them, feeds them according to their regular pattern, walks them regularly, and gives them love and attention.

In-home dog sitting has the added benefit of keeping your house occupied while you are away from home, minimizing the chance of break-ins. The greater price also helps to pay the expense of transportation. Always offer the dog sitter emergency contact information and access to any pet first aid supplies you have, as well as prescription instructions, just like you would with a dog boarding facility. For time spent beyond the initial 24-hour minimum cost, she charges the following rates:

  • $21.25 for 1-6 hours
  • $42.50 for 7-12 hours
  • $63.75 for 13-18 hours
  • $85 for 19-24 hours
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Day Care for Dogs

Because it takes fewer resources and time from the border, day boarding, sometimes known as “doggy daycare,” is less expensive than overnight boarding. Day boarding is a good option for folks who can’t leave their dog to get some exercise, socialization, and playtime during the day. Because apartment living might leave their dog pent-up in a lonely, empty flat for eight hours a day, many city people choose doggy daycare. Boarders may provide discounts to clients who board many dogs at the same time. The charges for doggy daycare in the following manner:

  • Daycare charges are $3 for one dog, $4.50 for two dogs, and $6 for three dogs per hour.
  • Daily daycare costs are $25 for one dog, $37.50 for two dogs, and $50.50 for three dogs (7 a.m. to 6 p.m.).
  • $120 for one dog, $180 for two dogs, $240 for three dogs on a 5-day punch card
  • A ten-day punch card costs $230 for one dog, $345 for two dogs, and $460 for three dogs.
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The Average Cost of Overnight Dog Boarding

The average dog boarding cost is $35 per night, including daytime playtime with other dogs and nighttime supervision.

Aside from more services, the size of the area tour dog requires, the number of dogs you have, and the type of boarding facility you choose can all affect the price. In-home boarding ranges from no-frills kennels to opulent hotel-like rooms with elevated beds and TVs.

Cost of Dog Sitting

Another alternative is to hire a professional to monitor your dog in your home for $70 per night for one dog, and only $10 more if you have two dogs. Dog visits are a choice for safe dogs to leave alone at home, as long as they are checked every four hours or so for a bathroom break and some cuddling. A 30-minute dog-sitting visit costs around $25.

The cost of a dog-sitting service is determined by a variety of factors, including:

What is the total number of dogs you own?

If you have multiple dogs, you may be eligible for a discounted cost if they are boarded in the same kennel. If you hire a dog sitter, they may charge you more if you have more than one dog to care for while you are away.

The duration of the reservation:

The cost of dog-sitting is usually determined by the length of stay; therefore, the longer the vacation, the greater the dog-sitting price. However, some dog boarding facilities may give a discount if you book for a few weeks or even a month.

Do you require any more service?

Some dog-watching and boarding providers provide extra service to ensure your dog has the best day possible.

Food: During the dog’s vacation, the dog sitter will give all of the dog’s meals

Grooming: Some dog kennels provide grooming services at an extra charge.

Collection: The dog boarding service will pick up and return your dog to your home.

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Finding a Suitable Facility

To make sure that your dog has a safe and happy home away from home, do your homework before reserving a new dog boarding service and reading online reviews to screen out any service providers who aren’t up to par. Request quotes to see the diversity of dog boarding fees in your area and read websites to get a sense of each border’s approach. If you reside in an urban location with higher real estate costs, boarding your dog will generally cost more. Aside from increased real estate costs, expensive cities have a greater price of doing business, with higher employee compensation, insurance, and other expenses.

Suggestions for a Happy Dog

If you’re concerned that your dog will miss you while you’re away, there are a few things you can do to ensure that they feel safe and secure in a new environment. Any dog boarding facility insists on your dog having some or all of these items because they know it gives them a sense of security while they’re on vacation. Even if the facility doesn’t require the goods, your dog will most likely be happier with them:

  • Bedding: Their dog bed or blanket will smell familiar and pleasant.
  • Snacks: Bring a zipper bag with the same snacks you use at home for your dog.
  • Their regular fare: Many kennels will provide it if you don’t bring your dog food (for a fee). On the other hand, dogs rely on consistency, and trying new food could make them feel uneasy or, worse, upset their stomach.
  • Toys: Stuffed animals and rubber bones that your dog enjoys will keep them pleased.
  • Something that has a strong resemblance to you. Make them feel at ease by tucking your T-shirt into their bedding.
  • A documented schedule for your dog. This one is crucial! When your dog eats meals, goes for walks, and so on, the facility should keep a record of it. Your dog will be happier if you stick to a routine.
  • Information on medications: Always inform the border about your dog’s medical conditions, as well as any drugs he or she is taking and when and how to take them. Some dog boarding companies include medicine administration in their daily fees, while others charge extra.
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