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Myrna Kauffman - January 23, 2024

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Professionals who run dog care and related businesses find that our professional dog kennels provide an ideal solution for their dog housing needs. Commercial dog care providers have used our large dog kennels in a wide variety of applications. Each application carries a unique set of challenges. The customization options that we offer in our professional dog kennels help to address those challenges. Here are seven business types that could benefit from our commercial insulated dog kennels and runs.

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Professional Dog Kennels for Boarders

Imagine taking your dog to a boarding facility where the dogs are cooped in small wire cages and running in runs with excrement on the floor. You would probably leave faster than you came, taking your dog with you. Dog boarders who care for other people’s beloved pets need facilities that are comfortable, attractive, and easy to maintain such as our quality outdoor dog kennels.

Our custom dog kennels for dog boarders offer attractive design options. We offer a variety of color, siding, window, and door options that allow you to design a boarding kennel that looks and feels like your home. Your clients will feel good about leaving their dog in your care when you can provide an attractive and comfortable place to stay inside the PROFESSIONAL DOG KENNELS.

Dog Kennels for Groomers

You’re taking your dog for her scheduled grooming session at a new groomer for the first time and you can tell that your dog is nervous about being left behind. Then you get to the groomers’ facility and feel warmly welcomed by a cheery groomer in a clean and spacious shop with cozy kennels along the one wall. You and your dog instantly relax at this welcoming site.

In addition to providing attractive facilities, groomers are looking for the functional features of our professional dog kennels. Our interior dog boxes are designed for quick and easy cleaning. The floors and walls of the boxes are lined with glass board which makes cleaning up between kennel occupants feel less cumbersome. Each dog kennel for groomers can also be designed with a large workspace to allow for dog housing and grooming all in one unit.

Dog Kennels for Shelters

As a dog rescue shelter manager, you’re well aware of the difficulties that can be associated with moving dogs from lost and abandoned to being adopted by a caring family. Sometimes the waiting period lasts too long and your facilities become overwhelmed with dogs who need a home. Expanding your ability to provide housing for more dogs becomes urgent.

Our professional dog kennels provide a relatively low-cost solution to expanding your shelter facility. Rather than building a completely new addition to your existing building, we can build a separate kennel that is custom-built for your needs. Our large dog kennels include many practical features such as floor drains that make caring for many dogs more efficient.

Dog Kennels for Trainers

As a dog trainer, you spend many hours working with the dogs of your clients. You recognize the value of the dogs that you’re working with and take providing safe housing seriously when you’re not working with the dogs. You need housing that is durable and safe for your dogs to keep them out of trouble when you’re away.

Our professional dog kennels for trainers offer chew-proof features that prevent mischievous chewers from destroying your valuable housing facilities. Dogs in training will only be with you for a short time which makes the easy cleaning features of our kennels ideal for cleaning between your client’s dogs. As dog kennel builders, we understand the need to provide dog kennels that are easy to clean and durable. 

Dog Kennels for Breeders

You’ve most likely spent many hours in your whelping kennel with dogs that are giving birth to a new litter of puppies. You’ve also seen the need for facilities that are easy to clean after the mess that giving birth can create. In addition, caring for a litter of rowdy puppies requires a kennel with adequate space and ventilation.

In case you need a flooring solution for your dog boxes that is very practical and super durable, we offer a stainless steel floor pan with a drain. You’ll never need to worry about a stained or rotting floor again. Our professional dog kennels can also be built off the ground which allows for heating under the floor during cold winter months. With a plumbing and electrical package, you can have the convenience of washtubs, heating, lighting, and much more at your fingertips when you need it most.

Dog Kennels for Vets

As a veterinarian, your job is to provide primary medical care for dogs that need special attention. You probably don’t put a lot of thought into dog housing until you find yourself running out of room for dogs while they wait for their owners. You also need a safe and quiet place for dogs while they are under observation and recovery.

If you find that you’re current facility isn’t big enough we can build a new detached housing facility on your property. This would allow you to expand and provide a separate, quiet place for dogs in recovery. Our insulated and climate-controlled kennels for vets provide an ideal spot for both short and longer-term housing for your canine patients.

Kennels for Working Dogs

Working dogs are subjected to high levels of stress during their rigorous training exercises. They need to complete demanding training regimens that disqualify many of them from service soon after they enter the training programs. These dogs need a high level of care and quality housing facilities to help them reach their maximum potential as they serve humanity.

Our large dog kennels for outside are ideal for providing comfortable housing for a large number of dogs in training. Professional Dog Kennels for working dogs can be customized to accommodate large-size dogs (such as German Shepherds) with spacious interior housing arrangements and exterior runs. In addition, features such as chew-proof dog doors, poly decking on runs, stainless steel floor trays, and glass board-lined boxes help to ensure that our kennels will withstand the wear and tear of heavy use in the long run.

What Are Your Needs?

Do you need a custom dog kennel for an application that is not covered in this article? Our professional dog kennels come in many shapes and sizes and can be customized to meet the demands of your situation. As a commercial dog kennel manufacturer, we would love to get in touch with you to discuss the unique needs of your business. View Commercial Dog Kennels

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