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How Big Should a Dog Kennel Be?

Myrna Kauffman - January 23, 2024

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how big should a dog kennel be

You’ve been exploring dog kennels for your favorite and adorable dog, and now you are wondering what size dog kennel you should buy. You want to make sure your dog has everything it needs outdoors to be happy and comfortable, not to mention, safe! An outdoor dog kennel is a big decision, and you are wanting to make the right decision. Let’s figure out how big should a dog kennel be to keep your dog safe and happy. 

How Big Should a Dog Kennel Be?

A dog kennel should be big enough for your dog to stand up straight, sit, lay down, turn around, and stretch comfortably. Your dog will not feel confined if they have room to move about without bumping into the sides. Also, the top should be high enough that the dog’s head (and tail) should not be able to touch it standing up.

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The size of the dog kennel really depends upon a few things. First, the dog kennel you choose should fit your dog. If you have a smaller dog, any of our dog kennels will work for you. However, if you have a larger dog, you may need a kennel with more room. If your dog’s kennel is too small, your dog may struggle to enter and be cramped and uncomfortable once inside.

Your dog will not feel caged up if the kennel is large enough. Having space for your dog to retreat out of sight will help to make it feel secure. By being able to seclude itself from other animals (including other dogs) your dog will be happier.

Dog Kennels for Big Dogs

How many dogs do you have? Let’s explore several options that will be the best size for however many dogs you have. Here at The Dog Kennel Collection, we have custom dog kennels for one dog, two dogs, and three dogs, all the way up to a dog kennel for sixteen dogs! How big should a dog kennel be to fit your dog (s)?

A Dog Kennel for One Large Dog

If you are looking for a dog kennel for one dog, our residential dog kennels will be a good fit for you. These dog kennels come in a traditional outdoor dog kennel with basic features. The standard trim package for this kennel includes an 18×23 single-pane window with a screen, an outdoor run area, an indoor fully insulated box area, and a man-door to access the indoor section. A chew-proof dog door connects the indoor box to the outdoor run.

For a classier look, our elite outdoor kennels are a perfect choice. These dog kennels feature upgrades from traditional kennels. With options such as vinyl-wrapped outdoor posts, extra decorative windows, shutters, interior chain link doors, gable vents, and more!

how big should a dog kennel be for your home

Keep in mind our kennels can be fully customized to your taste! We even have dog kennels with an attached shed! You can customize the colors, the type of siding and roofing, the types of shutters, and more! Contact us for a personalized quote on the type of dog kennel you want.

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Large Dog Kennels for Multiple Dogs

Whether you have two, three, or twelve dogs, you’ll find a dog kennel big enough to meet your expectations.

We have big dog kennels with separate runs for each individual dog, with enough room so that not one of them will feel crowded or confined. All these kennels come with the features that single-dog kennels would.

Residential Outdoor Kennels

Even with the residential kennels, you get a wide variety of selections. On the basic side, our Traditional Outdoor Kennels offer you a long-lasting, simply-made dog kennel. All of these come standards with a chain link-enclosed outdoor run area, insulated (R-7 value) indoor box, window, chew-proof dog door, man door to access the indoor box, and a gate on the exterior run. For further protection against weather and intruders, all these units have a roof over the entire kennel.

Next in line is our Elite Outdoor Dog Kennels. These large dog kennels feature all the same things as the Traditional Dog Kennels as well as a few upgrades to make this kennel stand apart from the crowd. With Elite gable vents, vinyl post covers on the exterior posts, doors with windows, extra decorative windows, and shutters, the Elite Dog Kennels are the perfect thing to house your beloved dog in and make your backyard look even more attractive!

Commercial Outdoor Dog Kennels

Our commercial outdoor dog kennels for large dogs can be customized in almost every way to meet the demands of your situation, although they do come standard with several features. Same as the Residential Outdoor Kennels, the commercial kennels come with an outdoor run, insulated indoor box, puppy door, man door, poly decking on the outdoor area, and windows.

Our large commercial outdoor dog kennels are suited for dog lovers with multiple dogs or for dog shelters, dog breeders, military bases, or police departments. If you care deeply about your dog, as many of you do, make sure your beloved pet has the appropriate amount of space he or she needs.

how big should a dog kennel be for big dogs

Make sure your dog has enough room…

When selecting a big dog kennel for your pet, make sure to select a kennel that gives your dog enough room. If you are unsure how to do so, contact one of our helpful professionals. We can help you select the right kennel and make any customization to make it yours. Browse our selection of outdoor dog kennels and contact us with any questions you may have. We hope you now understand how big should a dog kennel be to fit your dogs.