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Myrna Kauffman - January 23, 2024

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6 Types Of Heavy-Duty Dog Kennels: Your Complete Guide

This is your complete guide to Heavy Duty Dog Kennels made in America by skilled Amish craftsmen. Heavy-duty dog kennels are important because you want to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your furry family member(s). Cheap dog kennels are a good temporary solution but in the long run, you’re going to want a quality outdoor dog kennel structure built from heavy-duty materials that will stand the test of time.

Heavy-duty style kennels are going to be an important investment if you are running any sort of dog-related business, whether on the side or full-time. You might be starting up your own dog grooming service and need a professional space to serve your clients. Maybe you are boarding dogs and you need multiple, high-quality runs for your furry guests. Another common theme is puppy breeders. If puppies are your passion then you might be looking for a heavy-duty dog kennel. You need a safe and secure place for your puppy litter to grow. Any of these reasons would lead you to find a high-end dog kennel.

Check out our heavy-duty custom dog kennels, like this 24×24 kennel from The Dog Kennel Collection.

Everything You Need To Know About Heavy-Duty Dog Kennels

For 15 years The Dog Kennel Collection has been building different types of Heavy Duty Dog Kennels. We can design and build custom heavy-duty dog kennels, commercial heavy-duty dog kennels, or traditional heavy-duty dog kennels. Whatever your needs may be, we can help you solve your dog kennel dilemma with a quality-built heavy-duty dog kennel. 

How Big Are Heavy-Duty Small Dog Kennels?

Size is important when deciding what heavy-duty dog kennel to get. There is a range of sizes that our small heavy-duty dog kennels are available in. The smallest heavy-duty dog kennel you can start with is a 4×8 dog kennel. This size would be a single box dog kennel suitable for 1 medium to large-sized dog or 2 small dogs that get along well enough to live together. 

The largest size that would be considered a “small” heavy-duty dog kennel would be an 8×14 dog kennel with 2 boxes. If you need a dog kennel for 2 dogs that will not be able to live in the same box then you can easily get one of our small, residential heavy-duty dog kennels to meet your needs. 

How Big Are Heavy-Duty Medium Dog Kennels?

Are you looking for medium Heavy Duty Dog Kennels? We have a range of medium-sized dog kennels for you to choose from. Each of our kennels is built out of high-grade construction materials. Our heavy-duty dog kennels will last you through many many years of regular use and are the perfect buildings to keep your dogs safe. Heavy-Duty Medium Dog Kennels range in size from single-box 8×14 to 8×20 to double-box 8×14 or 8×16. 

Whether you need a 1-box heavy-duty kennel or a 2-box medium heavy-duty dog kennel you can find the medium-sized kennel you need. You won’t find better quality Amish craftsmanship than from The Dog Kennel Collection.

How Big Are Large Heavy-Duty Dog Kennels?

Heavy Duty Large Dog Kennels from The Dog Kennel Collection are categorized as commercial dog kennels. They are mostly used for commercial purposes like veterinary kennels, dog breeder kennels, dog boarding kennels, and dog groomer kennels.

Heavy Duty Large Dog Kennels range from 10×16 4-box dog kennels to huge 24×60 16-box dog kennels. Heavy Duty Large Dog Kennels are an item that we specialize in at The Dog Kennel Collection. We have all kinds of special features you can use for your large dog kennel to make it exactly how you want it. Whether you’re breeding dogs or running a dog boarding business we can custom-build your large heavy-duty dog kennel to your specific needs without a problem. 

Traditional Heavy Duty Dog Kennels

If you’re looking for the most affordable heavy-duty dog kennels then a traditional dog kennel from The Dog Kennel Collection is what you’re looking for. We spare no expense with any of our kennels so you can be confident you are investing in a high-quality product but our traditional, residential dog kennels are the most affordable that we offer. 

Our traditional dog kennels range from 4×8 1-box kennels up to 8×16 2-box kennels. These being the smallest of our heavy-duty kennels, they are perfect for 1 or 2 dogs. The traditional dog kennel line comes with our standard trim package and standard features:

Elite Heavy Duty Dog Kennels

If you’re looking for something a bit more than just a traditional heavy-duty dog kennel then one of our Elite Heavy Duty Dog Kennels would be perfect for you! Equipped with many of the same standard features of our traditional heavy-duty kennels, our Elite Kennels also feature an upgraded trim package that enhances the aesthetic of the kennels. They also feature an upgraded window package with larger windows

These are truly beautiful structures that will add to the inviting feel of your property. An Elite Heavy Duty Dog Kennel from The Dog Kennel Collection can be designed and purchased in a very similar range of sizes to the Traditional Heavy Duty Kennels, 8×10 1-box Elite Kennels up to 8×16 2-box kennels. If you need a custom-size kennel that you don’t see listed, reach out to us and ask if we can make your custom size! 

Commercial Heavy-Duty Dog Kennels 

The Dog Kennel Collection designs and builds high-quality commercial Heavy Duty Dog Kennels for several unique applications. No matter which application you are choosing a Commercial Heavy Duty Dog Kennel for (Dog Breeder Business, Dog Boarding Business, Extra Veterinarian Kennels, Dog Groomer Stalls, or something else), they will all come with these standard features:

Every one of our Commercial Heavy Duty Dog Kennels comes with all of these amazing standard features. You can ensure that your dogs will live comfortable, safe, and happy lives with a kennel from us. In addition to all of these standard kennel features we also offer several exciting optional features you can choose from to take your Commercial Kennel to the next level:

What Kind Of Heavy Duty Dog Kennel Is Right For You?

Well, now you know everything there is to know about heavy-duty dog kennels, their size options, their standard features, and the more upgraded optional features.

Are you ready to dive into your own dog boarding business and get a heavy-duty elite dog kennel to show your customers how much you value them? 

Are you going to take your dog breeding side hustle to the next level by investing in a heavy-duty dog kennel with some optional features like stainless steel water bowls and heated floors for whelping?

Do you want to expand your evening and weekend dog grooming business with a commercial heavy-duty dog kennel so that you have more room to take care of your clients or maybe have a second station and hire a second groomer? 

Whatever you may be ready to do, The Dog Kennel Collection is here to help you determine what kind of heavy-duty dog kennel is best for you! Give us a call today, get in touch with us through our contact form, request a dog kennel catalog if you already know what you’re interested in, or find a dealer close to you.