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Dog Kennels for Groomers

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dog kennels for groomers 10x28 traditional 5 box

When your clients walk into your grooming office, what do they feel? Are they impressed by the well-lit, clean interior? Does the smell of dog shampoo and clean canines waft through the air? Your clients care a lot about their dogs and will choose a dog groomer carefully. You can’t afford to lose clients because they don’t like the looks of your facilities.

As a dog groomer, what do you value most when it comes to your facilities? Do you need a spacious work area with adequate lighting? Do you need holding pens for your client’s dogs before and after your scheduled grooming session? Do you need a wash area to bathe your dogs?

Our dog kennels for groomers can be customized to create the grooming facilities that you need for your business. We can create a large grooming area for multiple groomers to work at once or a smaller area if your business is a new venture. We can add electrical packages, wash areas, extra windows, and just about anything else that you need to make your business a success. Impress your clients with a new kennel that’s easy to clean and maintain.

dog kennels for groomers 10x28 5 box back
dog kennels for groomers interior view of 10x28 5 run kennel showing alt layout with large entry with wash
dog kennels for groomers radiant floor heat system