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Dog Kennel in New Jersey

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Chantel’s Dog Kennel In New Jersey

We love telling our customer’s story so here is one of our awesome customers from Cape May, New Jersey. Let’s get to know who Chantel is…

Chantel Semanchik lives in Cape May, New Jersey. She currently breeds Dalmatians and has a horse-drawn carriage company in Cape May and her Dalmatians are mascots to their carriage horses. Their pets include 20 draft horses that work in their company and 27 Dalmatians that they breed along with few parrots and a couple of barns cats. She comments “I think it is safe to say that our life revolves around our animals and we are very fortunate.”

dog kennel in new jersey

There were a few challenges Chantel faced when looking for housing for her Dalmatians. She needed to find a way to keep her dogs safe while she was not home. As a breeder, she faces different challenges than a normal pet owner. She wanted her dogs to have access to go outside to relieve themselves as often as necessary. She wanted a place that she could keep clean and sanitized. Chantel’s main concern was the safety of her dogs. She wanted to provide her Dalmatians with a safe environment that kept them off guard away from predators and potential dangers.

dog kennel in new jersey

“This kennel has provided all of that for me.” That’s what Chantel said about her Dog Kennel in New Jersey. 

“My dogs have a covered area that they can lay in and not dig out. They are not on the ground, they can socialize with each other safely, so I don’t have to worry about them fighting. And they can go inside where it’s fully insulated. I have an air conditioner and a heater in there so it’s not really like a kennel it’s actually more like a house just for them. It could be in the negatives outside with the wind chill and inside my kennel, I can keep it around 80 degrees very easily. As a matter of fact, my first winter I found I was keeping it too warm, I had to put the heater down to low because it was too hot in the kennel. It is completely insulated so it holds the heat very well. Same in the summer, it could be a hundred degrees or more and it’ll be in the ’70s in the kennel.”

“best decision I ever made”

“I feel happy knowing that my dogs are comfortable and safe. This has been the best investment I have ever made, and I am very happy with my purchase. Even if you are just a pet owner and want a safe place for your dog to be while you’re away whether it be for work or just the day this is a must-have.”

Q and A with Chantel

What started your search for a dog kennel?

“I started breeding and needed a safe place to house my dogs”

What was the process of getting your dog kennel in New Jersey?

“Got a quote, sent full payment, the kennel was delivered”

Is there anything you would change about her dog kennel?

“I would just get a bigger one”

What would you say to someone looking for a dog kennel of their own?​

“Do it….best decision I ever made”​

For Sale Dog Kennel In New Jersey

We love telling the stories of our past customers to help others who are looking for a dog kennel themselves. We thank Chantel for taking the time to help us tell her story and share her experience with The Dog Kennel Collection. If you would like to have your story featured on our website, please reach out to us on social media or fill out a contact us form and in the comments mention being featured on our story page.

“Got a quote, sent full payment, the kennel was delivered”