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Wash Down Solutions Maintain a Clean and Odorless Kennel

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Any good dog owner knows it is crucial to maintain a clean dog kennel. Keeping your dog kennel ventilated and clean is very important to prevent disease and bad odors. Take a look at our wash-down options designed to keep your kennel fresh and your dogs healthy.

Importance of Wash Down Solutions for a Clean Kennel

Effective Cleaning

Wash down solutions like hoses in the kennel and wash tubs are great ways to keep a clean kennel. They are designed to break down dirt, kill bacteria, and keep your kennel looking sparkly clean. Lack of good wash down options in the kennel will make cleaning and maintaining the kennel much more difficult.

Odor Control

Not only are wash down solutions great for keeping the kennel clean and killing bacteria that can cause sickness and disease, they help to keep the bad odors in the kennel at bay. Any dog owner knows that dogs can stink especially when all together. Keeping the kennel clean and hair and waste taken care of can help the kennel look and smell fresher.


Is it hard work filling up buckets of water at the outside pump to scrub down the kennel floor? We offer wash down solutions for your convenience and efficient cleaning. Our retractable hose paired with our interior drain means that you can easily wash all the dirt and grime right out of your kennel in no time! Kennel cleaning has never been easier.

Our Dog Kennel Wash Down Options

channel drain- wash down solutions

Channel Drain

  • Stainless Steel
  • Placed inside dog door against the wall
  • Easy maintenance in cleaning the kennel
exterior wash down- wash down solutions

Exterior Wash Down

  • Requires raised floors inside and outside
  • Keeps kennel runs clean
  • Prevents bad odors
exterior water faucet- wash down solutions

Exterior Water Faucet

  • Freeze proof
  • Provides fresh water for dogs
  • Convenient water source
wash tub- wash down solutions

Wash Tub

  • Efficient bathing for dogs
  • Convenient water source in kennel
hose port - wash down solutions

Hose Port

  • Can attach a garden hose
  • Access to hot and cold water
hose reel - wash down solutions

Retractable Hose Reel

  • 5/8″x90′ ft heavy-duty garden hose
  • Includes hose guide and lock

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