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If you own a husky, then you are no stranger to the beauty and the friendliness of these dogs. Huskies are often known for their striking eyes and their thick furry coat that is designed to keep them well-insulated in the wintertime. These dogs are known to be more outgoing and quite energetic, as well as independent and very intelligent. Finding the perfect husky dog kennel may be a bit tricky. Let’s take a look at some kennels that may be a good fit for your husky.

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What Should I Look for in a Husky Dog Kennel?

Adequate Space

Huskies are generally classified as medium to large dogs and will need a kennel with enough space to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. If you are in doubt about the size of your kennel, it is best to go on the larger side.


Huskies are energetic dogs and need a kennel that is durable and will not wear down after years of use. Using flooring like hard composite decking is a good idea and durable siding in the kennel that is scratch-resistant and will clean easily will help to keep your kennel in better condition.

Proper Ventilation

Look for a husky dog kennel that is properly ventilated. Huskies have thick fur that is meant to keep them well-insulated in cold months, so keeping the kennel ventilated and cool in the summer is important for their comfort and well-being. Be sure their kennel is shaded and has proper airflow, or maybe even air conditioning, depending on how hot it gets where you live. Watch out for signs of overheating, like dry mouth and nose, excessive panting, and lack of appetite.


If your husky is known to be exceptionally clever as many of them are, it is a good idea to have a secure lock on the kennel door that cannot be tampered with. Be sure the chain link fencing (or whatever fencing you have) is strong and does not have weak areas that can be easily compromised. Because huskies are beautiful dogs and quite expensive, there is a potential that people may attempt to steal your dog, which is another reason you may want to have secure doors for your kennel, and maybe even a lock for overnight.

Best Kennel Sizes for Huskies

Different sizes of dog houses or dog kennels could work for your huskies. Be sure the length of the kennel is at least as long as your husky from tail to nose, and the width is about twice the width of your dog. The Dog Kennel Collection offers a variety of husky dog kennels that could be a good fit for your canines. We have kennels for one dog, and kennels that house up to 16 dogs. Whether you need a commercial or residential kennel, we have what you need.

Commonly Asked Questions about Husky Dog Kennels

Though they are not entirely necessary, raised floors can be beneficial for your husky dog kennel. They prevent dampness in the kennel and provide extra insulation by keeping the kennel off the ground.

Keeping the kennel clean is important, so opt to clean the kennel every few weeks, depending on how often your husky is in the kennel, and the general condition of the kennel. Using raised flooring and having options for interior wash down in the kennel can make cleaning the kennel much easier.

Climate-Controlled Husky Dog Kennels

As aforementioned, huskies have thick furry coats and can get overheated fairly quickly in hot weather. Consider getting a climate-controlled dog kennel for your husky and never stress about the wellbeing of your dog in the summer! Add a fan to your kennel for better ventilation or an AC unit to keep the kennel cool and your dog friends comfortable. Take a look at our options!

Custom Husky Dog Kennels

Maybe you are not content with the dog house and dog kennel options you have seen on the market. They are too cheap, too small, too ugly for your property, you name it! Our dog kennels are fully customizable for your dog with an endless list of features you can add to your kennel. Choose your trim and siding color and materials, and the number of runs for your kennel. You can even get a kennel/shed combo!

Take a look at our wash-down options, like our retractable hose for your kennel, and interior wash bins. Or get an aluminum cabinet for extra storage or extra windows for better visibility and ventilation.

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