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Large Dog Kennels for Outside

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Many dog lovers find themselves in a situation where they have dogs in the house, but they need another solution for when they’re not at home. Or maybe the dogs are destroying the house and making it difficult to have guests. In any case, many dog owners are in need of a safe and secure place for their dogs, like large dog kennels for outside. They want to be sure that their dogs will be safe and happy even when unsupervised for a few hours.

Take a Look at this Commercial Outdoor Kennel

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The solution is to acquire insulated dog kennels and runs where dogs can get some exercise and get out of the weather. The ideal kennel is a box-and-run combination. This ends up being a fairly large kennel, especially if the kennel is designed to house multiple dogs. A kennel of this nature is an ideal permanent or temporary housing solution for dogs of any size.

What should you expect from large dog kennels for outside? An outdoor kennel should include features for safety and comfort. Safety means restraining your dogs to keep them out of trouble, and it means protecting your dogs from other roaming dogs and intruders. Comfort includes climate-control features, cleanliness, and protection from the elements.

Safety Features of Large Dog Kennels for Outside

Keeping your dog safe means restraining your dogs to keep them out of trouble. Outdoor dog kennels should be escape-proof to give you peace of mind when you’re not around. There are several essential features for keeping your dogs safely restrained in the kennel.

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Your outside dog kennel should have a floor in the box and run area. If your dog kennel doesn’t have a floor, a powerful digger may be able to escape within a few hours. A sturdy floor gives you peace of mind because you know that your dogs won’t be able to dig their way out, even if you need to leave them for a few days.

Your dog kennel floor and walls should be made from chew-proof materials. Dogs that wish to escape may resort to chewing as a means of escape. Chew-proof features include chain link or welded wire fencing for the runs and sturdy wood walls made of 2x4s and plywood for the box. The floor should be made of plywood or decking material, or a wire mesh if you wish to have an outside area for your dogs to relieve themselves.

The dog kennel should have a roof to prevent climbers from climbing over the walls. You may be surprised how high a dog can climb or jump when sufficiently motivated to do so. A roof also helps to protect your small dogs from attacks by hawks or other climbing predators.

If you have more than one dog and your dogs are aggressive, you may find it necessary to protect your dogs from each other. That’s where a dog kennel with more than one run and box comes in. You may need to invest in a kennel that is divided into separate runs for each of your dogs. Very large commercial dog kennels can be equipped with separate runs and boxes for twenty dogs or more.

Using a dog kennel means that you won’t need to use restraining leashes and harnesses on your dogs when you’re not around. A dog should never be left on a leash unattended for more than several hours. A kennel reduces the risk of hanging or other injuries related to being kept on a leash and it also protects your dogs. Dogs on a leash have a reduced ability to protect themselves from aggressors.

Comfort Features of Large Dog Kennels for Outside

One of the biggest concerns for dog lovers who keep their dogs outside is temperature extremes. Your dogs need to be protected from extremes in temperatures in an insulated dog kennel. This can be accomplished partially by making sure your dogs have plenty of shade in the summer and protection from cold winds in the winter. Beyond that, your dogs should also be protected in the event of freezing or sweltering temperatures with the use of an insulated and climate-controlled dog box.

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Another concern is making sure your dogs always have access to clean water. Avoid equipping your kennel with food and water bowls that can be overturned or easily contaminated. Water bowls should be attached rather than free-standing and raised from the floor to a comfortable height for your dogs.

Cleanliness is another factor that can contribute to the comfort of your dogs. The interior dog box portion of a dog kennel should never be lined with bare wood since that will absorb moisture, making it difficult to keep clean and bacteria-free. The floor and walls should be lined with a glass board, stainless steel, or similar durable material that makes cleaning easy. Find a dog kennel builder that offers these options. 

Your dogs need to be able to move around comfortably without feeling too confined. An outside dog kennel that is large enough gives your dogs ample room to move around, especially within the exterior run portion of the kennel. This is a more important feature if your dogs regularly spend all day in the kennel, rather than just a few hours.

Give Your Dog a Piece of Your Home

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Many dog lovers have serious hesitations when it comes to moving their dogs outside. And for good reasons. They try to imagine themselves stuck in a cold dog box during the winter or an overheated box in the summer. They just can’t do that to their dogs. So they continue to wrestle with the drawbacks of keeping their dogs in the house.

But that is changing with the ready availability of large dog kennels for outside that come with safety and comfort features. Now, dog owners can give their dogs a piece of their own home outside. Dogs can be protected in a secure environment with all the comforts of the dog owner’s home.

In a similar fashion, operators of commercial dog service businesses understand that keeping their dogs comfortable is essential to the success of their business. Look for a commercial dog kennel manufacturer that offers these important safety and comfort features.