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Residential (Outdoor) Dog Kennels

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  • Standard Trim Package
  • 18x23 Single Pane Window w/Screen

Built with long lasting performance in mind, our traditional series of residential outdoor dog kennels is the perfect solution for your pet. Included in this feature packed outdoor dog kennel is an insulated living box that is lined with glassboard for easy cleaning and a chew proof dog door with aluminum edging to protect your investment for years to come. 

  • Deluxe Trim Package
  • 18x27 Single Pane Window w/Screen

Who says that your pet’s home can’t be attractive! Our elite series of outdoor dog kennels comes with features that set our puppy kennels apart from the competition. Not only does each outdoor dog kennel provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pet, it also adds to the appeal of your backyard with our deluxe trim package and larger windows. 

Looking for an OUTDOOR DOG KENNEL for the family friend? Look no further. We would love to help you design the perfect dog kennel that will become the envy of the dogs in the neighborhood.

All of our outdoor dog kennels include standard features that make caring for your dog (and your investment) easy. These features include 30-year shingles and durably painted siding for protection from the elements. Each dog pen includes insulated dog boxes which are lined with glass board for easy cleaning and a chew proof dog door with aluminum edging. Out on the deck, your dog will enjoy the feel of poly decking and you will enjoy how easy it is to clean and maintain. All of these features (and many more) come standard in all outdoor dog kennels.

Treat your dog to a large dog kennel for outside from the Dog Kennel Collection by contacting us or locating a dealer today!

P.S. Check out our commercial dog kennels collection for a line of custom dog kennels if you need housing for multiple dogs. 

Remember to read our Dog Kennel Ideas and Dog Care Tips before purchasing a dog kennel for helpful information about kennel training your dog and more. It is important to be prepared for your dog kennel arrival and understand the proper training needed to take care of your furry friend. Once you have read these helpful tips, you are ready to buy your outdoor dog kennel!

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