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Custom Dog Kennels – The Ultimate Den For Your Dogs!

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Custom dog kennels have been soaring in popularity over the years. They’ve evolved from a place to keep pets while you’re busy, to outdoor structures that can not only benefit dog health, behavior, and discipline, but also provide them with their very own safe, and relaxing home. As more and more dog owners are coming to find out about these wonderful structures, more and more dogs are living their best lives! Read on to find out how you can provide a mini escape for your pups! 

What is a Custom Dog Kennel?

A prefab custom dog kennel is an outdoor structure that is usually built with wood, or metal. It is also encased with bars or mesh to keep dogs safe while you are gone. Here is where the beauty of the custom dog kennel comes in. We know that every customer has different needs. You might be a dog breeder with 12 dogs under your care or just a regular pet owner. 

What a custom dog kennel offers you is the ability to control your kennel’s style, shape, and size. You get to customize every aspect of your dog’s kennel to best suit your dog’s needs. We’ll be focusing on outdoor custom dog kennels and diving into their purposes and benefits. 

Do Custom Dog Kennels In PA Have Enough Room? 

Custom dog kennels will always have enough room for your dog to have fun, play, and rest. Why? Because it’s custom-made by you! If custom dog kennels didn’t provide your pup with the space it needs, they would easily get bored and get into mischief. You can’t always be expected to be alongside your dog because of your responsibilities so having a custom dog kennel is also a benefit to you. 

In cases where you have a night out, working, or are on a trip, a custom dog kennel provides you with the perfect opportunity to keep your dog safe in its own space. So, don’t worry about the space your dog will have because they can easily play, rest and sleep inside their kennel! There’s also plenty of room to keep pet amenities like toys, food, and water in the kennel.

Are Custom Dog Kennels Good?

Imagine being a dog, and one day having your own home! Custom dog kennels act almost like a man cave for your dogs! With proper research and usage, a custom dog kennel is one of the best things you can do for your dogs. It will provide them with a safe and comfortable environment. One of the benefits includes well-ventilated fencing so your furry friend can receive the natural light and fresh air it needs. Another benefit is that the roofing is built to protect your dog from heat and rain! 

Custom dog kennels are also great for training aggressive dogs and rehabilitation. Your dog kennel will keep others safe from the dog and make sure no one gets hurt during the training process. Custom dog kennels are also good for dogs who like to soil dig. No more messes in the backyard, and they’ll be away from toxic plants in your backyard. So the answer is yes, custom dog kennels are good. Good for entertainment, training, and relaxation! 

How Much Do Custom Dog Kennels Cost?

Depending on how you plan to acquire your dog kennel, the price can vary. If you’re an experienced builder and you buy a DIY kit, the price will be different. An average cost for a residential prefab dog kennel is anywhere between $1000-$8000. For any commercial dog kennels, which are much larger in size, the price will be higher. For example, a commercial 24×60 dog kennel that contains 16 kennels will cost around $75,000. Material, add-ons, and size will affect the cost of your dog kennel, so take into consideration what your needs are. If you need a custom dog kennel for a lot of pups or need custom dog kennels to care for their specific needs, the price of the kennel will fluctuate. 

Custom Dog Kennels in PA

The Dog Kennel Collection has been manufacturing safe and comfortable environments for pets for over a decade! We are committed to not only your furry friends but to you as well. High-quality, affordable and attractive dog kennels are something we pride ourselves in providing to our community. We’ve seen lots of cases and helped a lot of industries in the 10+ years we’ve been in the prefab dog kennel business and we believe that we have the solution for your pet housing needs. Each part of your kennel is specially catered to and is hand-built so you get what you want, every time. Request a free catalog or find a dealer near you to get started! Give your pet the safe, comfortable, and fun environment they deserve. 

What Materials are Custom Dog Kennels In PA Built With?

To keep our custom dog kennels affordable for every pet owner, we have different packages available residentially and commercially. Regardless of that choice, each of our dog kennels is built with the highest quality materials. We have size options that range from a residential 8×14 to a commercial 24×60. Some of our customizable add-ons include chew-proof dog doors, R7 insulated dog box, chainlink interior dividers, and more! We like our custom dog kennels to be eye-catching and attractive while giving you a bang for your buck. Combine that with functionality and durability and you have a top-of-the-line custom dog kennel that will last for years to come!  

Can Custom Dog Kennels Hurt Dogs? 

Providing your furry friends with a custom dog kennel while using it responsibly results in rewards that are unmatched. Just like anything in the world, too much of something can be detrimental. Custom dog kennels are a way to give your dog its own “den” while keeping them safe and relaxed. The training benefits are also very beneficial. But if you start relying too heavily on your kennel to doggy sit your pup, it can cause physical and mental health to deteriorate. No one would like to be in a confined area for too long. So, if you apply best practices, there is no way that a custom dog kennel can hurt dogs. They actually provide a great space for pups!