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20×60 Dog Kennel

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20x60 dog kennel

Are you looking for a large dog kennel that will protect your dogs and give you peace of mind when you’re not around? Then you should consider investing in a 20×60 dog kennel with 12-runs. Our 20×60 dog kennels are equipped with separate runs for twelve dogs.

A 20×60 dog kennel is a space where you can keep your dogs safe by keeping them in their separate runs to keep them out of trouble. Our kennel is escape-proof, so you don’t have to worry about your dogs when you are going away.

The size of a 20×60 dog kennel is 1200 square feet. According to The Nest, an average mid-sized kennel per dog is 10×10. Every room comes with a 5×5 box and a 5×10 run space which will give you a total of 10×15 room space per dog.

20x60 dog kennel interior plan

Safety Features of 20×60 Dog Kennel


Our 20×60 Kennels come with outdoor floors. Every outdoor dog kennel should have a floor in the box and run areas. If your dog doesn’t have a floor, it can easily escape from the kennel within a few hours by just digging under the kennel. A floor in the kennel will keep your dog safe inside the kennel and give you peace of mind because you know that your dogs won’t be able to dig their way out of the kennel.

20x60 dog kennel floors


A roof will prevent your dogs from escaping the kennel by climbing over the walls. You may be surprised how high a dog can climb or jump when motivated to do so. Big dogs can jump up to five or even six feet. And the roof will keep your puppies safe from other wild animals like hawks or other climbing predators. The roof will also keep your dogs safe from the elements like rain and snow.

20x60 dog kennel roof


The dog kennel should be made from chew-proof materials. Dogs that want to escape from the kennel might see chewing as a means of escape. Chew-proof features include chain link or welded wire fencing for the runs and sturdy wood walls and plywood for the boxes. The floor should be made of plywood or decking material, or a wire mesh if you wish to have an outside area for your dogs to relieve themselves.

20x60 dog kennel chew proof


This 20×60 dog kennel comes with 12-runs which means you can keep up to 12 dogs in this commercial dog kennel. Some dogs can be aggressive towards other dogs. That’s where a dog kennel with more runs comes in handy. You may want to invest in a kennel with separate runs for each of your dogs, in order to keep them safe from each other.

20x60 dog kennel run

What are the interior features of a 20×60 dog kennel?


Most dog lovers are concerned about temperature extremes for their animals. Your dogs need to be protected from extreme temperatures with an insulated dog kennel. You should consider investing in an insulated and climate-controlled dog kennel to protect your dogs from heat and freezing temperatures.


In our 20×60 dog kennel, the water bowls are attached to the kennel rather than freestanding and raised from the floor to a comfortable height for your dogs. Some food and water bowls can be overturned or easily contaminated if they are free in the run. You can avoid that with our fixed-bowl kennels, so your dogs can always have access to clean water.


A 20×60 dog kennel will give your dogs plenty of room to move around, especially within the exterior run portion of the kennel. You will be happy knowing that your dogs have plenty of room to move around freely in one of our 20×60 dog kennel runs.

edited 20x60 dog kennel interior

Why choose a 20×60 dog kennel?

large 20x60 dog kennels

There are a lot of good reasons why you might want a 20×60 dog kennel. One of the reasons you may want to look into owning a 20×60 dog kennel is because of the ideal space that it provides for your dogs. 20×60 dog kennel runs are neither too big nor too small for your dogs, they’re just right. Your dogs will be able to move comfortably without feeling too confined in this beautiful 20×60 dog kennel.

Another great reason you may want a 20×60 dog kennel is that it will keep your dogs safe from extreme temperatures. Extremely hot and cold temperatures won’t be able to impact your dogs because our 20×60 kennels are all climate-controlled.

A third reason for owning one of our 20×60 kennels is the escape-proof design. Any dog owner knows how creative and determined a dog can be if it wants to go on an adventure. Our kennels are designed to foil even the smartest escape artist dog. Our materials are chew proof and our runs come with chew-proof flooring and a roof, so your dog won’t be able to go over, under, or through to escape.

What is the price for a 20×60 dog kennel?

At The Dog Kennel Collection, the price of a 20×60 dog kennel starts at around $67,422. The price of a 20×60 dog kennel can vary depending on the different commercial dog kennel options that are included with the kennel. For example, getting a screen door instead of a six-panel door (standard) can be added to the price. You can customize your kennel by adding extra windows, doors, vents, and exhaust options for more natural lighting or air circulation. You may also want to think about the exterior options that could change your kennel’s look to match your property.

We have 6 different door options that could change the look of your dog’s home. These 6 door options are 11-lite doors, 9-lite doors, cyclone fence doors, six-panel doors (standard), vent-lite doors, and pre-hung doors. 

edited doors

Our 3 different window options are slat shutters, Z shutters, and 36×36 sliding windows with screens to make your 20×60 dog kennel look more presentable from outside.

edited windows

Also, you may want to think about some of the kennel accessory options we have available. For example, Deluxe doggie doors, long drains, stainless steel feeder bowls, adjustable water nibble, hose ports, plexiglass dog doors, stainless steel automatic water bowls, and washtub options for you to choose from.

commercial 20x60 dog kennel

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