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Welcome to The Dog Kennel Collection Frequently Asked Questions page! Here you will find the most commonly asked questions to The Dog Kennel Collection along with our answers to those questions. If you don't find what you're looking for below, go ahead and fill out our contact us form and include your question or just give us a call at 888-318-4404

Where can I buy a dog kennel?
  1. Where can I buy a dog kennel? The Dog Kennel Collection has a variety of styles, sizes, and colors of Dog Kennels. We offer both commercial and residential dog kennels in the traditional and elite series.
  2. Do your Dog Kennels come assembled or in a kit form? All kennels are delivered fully built. Some large ones do require minimal on-site work, which our delivery drivers are trained to complete.
  3. Can I customize the layout of the kennel structure? Yes, you can design the kennel to your specifications, we will gladly work with your plans and quote the build accordingly.
  4. Can the inside of the kennel structure be washed down? Yes, the kennels come standard with a fully finished interior that includes PVC panels on the walls and a polyurea floor coating. This gives you the ability to rinse it down day after day without rotting.
  5. Does the structure require any special foundation? We recommend stone or concrete foundations.
  6. Can the kennel withstand a heating and cooling system? Yes, the kennels can be equipped with both heating and cooling which we can install during the building process.
where can i buy a dog kennel?
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