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Dog Kennel Whelping Options Create a Safe and Comfortable Whelping Environment

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The safety and comfort of both the mother and the babies are vitally important when going through the whelping period. The Dog Kennel Collection is here to help you have peace of mind and give your whelping mother dogs a comfortable experience. Take a look at our whelping options to find just what you need for your canine friends.

Importance of Good Whelping Options

Safety and Health

During the whelping period, both the mother and the babies are at risk of disease and other health hazards. Keeping whelping supplies like whelping nests to keep them warm and comfortable is a great way to ensure their health and safety.


Keeping your whelping beds and the surrounding areas clean is very important. Whelping pads and beds with rails may help to keep the puppies in the designated area and help you monitor the cleanliness of the space and the puppies’ general well-being.


Not only are whelping beds more hygienic, but they help to keep the puppies and the whelping mother comfortable throughout the birth and after as well. A heating flooring system can also be a great way to provide a cozy environment for your family of dogs.

Whelping Beds

Sloped bottom whelping beds are the ultimate whelping solution for your new dog kennel. The sloped bottom design naturally keeps the puppies more toward the center of the bed where the heating source is. These nests are available in hot water and electricity. Each individual bed is temperature-controlled with a user-friendly digital thermostat.

whelping beds - whelping options
bed with rails - whelping options

EZS Bed with Puppy Rails

bed without rails - whelping options

EZS Bed without Puppy Rails

Whelping Heating Options

pilot heater- whelping options

Kozy Kennel LP Pilot Heater

Available in…

  • 700 BTU
  • 1500 BTU
thermostat heater- whelping options

Kozy Kennel LP Thermostat Heater

Available in…

  • 1500 BTU
  • 4000 BTU
whelping heater - whelping options

Accu Temp Whelping Heater

  • Requires 12v Power Source and L-P Gas
  • 2,600 BTU
floor heat - whelping options

Radiant Floor Heat System

  • Efficient and convenient heating source for your kennel!

Accu Temp Whelping Nests

Accu Temp whelping nests are the key to successfully raising puppies. Studies show that keeping the temperature consistently warm is very critical in the first two weeks of a puppy’s life. With Accu Temp whelping nests you can do that with ease and peace of mind. The built-in sensor and the user-friendly digital thermometer give you finger-tip control over the temperature. These nests can be used with hot water, electricity, or the Accu Temp whelping heater.

A pic of a whelping pad warmer in a commercial dog kennel
whelping nests - whelping options

Whelping Nest

  • Used with Accu Temp Whelping Heater
whelping nest- used with hot water - whelping options

Whelping Nest

  • Used with hot water
whelping nest - used with electric- whelping options

Whelping Nest

  • Used with electric
  • 25 watt
control box- whelping options

Control Box

  • Multiple zones in one custom-built control box off of the same heat source.

Looking for More Dog Kennel Options?

Lighting and Power

Want a heated or cooled kennel? Check out our lighting and power options to create a kennel that is functional and well-lit.


Keep your kennel healthy and well-ventilated with our selection of ventilation options. Be sure that your dog’s kennel is not a breeding ground for bacteria.

Fencing and Flooring

Kennel fencing and flooring may be more important than you think. Our dog kennel fencing and flooring options are durable and safe for your pet.