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Dog Kennel Water Heaters Hot Water for your Dog Kennel

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Water heaters in the kennel can go a long way in making sure your dogs are provided with warm, clean water, especially in the cold months. Take a look at our selection of water heaters for your kennel, whether used domestically or for floor heating applications.

Benefits of Water Heaters in a Dog Kennel

Warm Water in Cold Weather

The biggest benefit of installing water heaters in your dog kennel is the use of warm water in the kennel. Warm water in the kennel in the winter can be a relief. This can be useful when bathing dogs or preventing frozen water bowls and frozen water pipes.

Better Cleaning and Sanitation

Another big benefit of dog kennel water heaters is easier cleaning and better maintenance of the kennel. Warm water is more effective than cold water when it comes to sanitizing the kennel and keeping a cleaner environment for the dogs.

Water Heater Options

water heater- dog kennel water heaters

EZ Tankless Water Heater

  • L-P Gas
  • Use for domestic supply only
water heaters- dog kennel water heaters

Navien On Demand Water Heater

  • Uses LP and electric
  • Use for domestic supply or floor heat applications
marey tankless water heaters- dog kennel water heaters

Marey Tankless Water Heater

  • Elec. 240V 60 AMP circuit
  • Use for domestic water supply only
30 gallon water heaters- dog kennel water heaters

Electric 30 Gallon Water Heater

  • 110V 20 AMP circuit
30 gallon water heater- dog kennel water heaters

30 Gallon LP Hot Water Heater

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