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Dog Kennel Ventilation Keep your Kennel Properly Ventilated

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Proper dog kennel ventilation is essential if you want to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for your dogs. A poorly ventilated kennel is asking for trouble and can lead to various problems like humidity issues, bad odor, and bacterial growth.

Benefits of Good Dog Kennel Ventilation

Improved Air Quality

Good ventilation in a dog kennel helps to keep the air fresh and remove odors, dust, and other harmful particles. This can create a cleaner and healthier environment for both you and your dogs. It can also reduce respiratory issues that come from bad air quality.

Temperature Control

Not only is proper ventilation important to keep the air fresh, but it also helps to keep the temperature in the kennel regulated. Temperature and humidity in the kennel can be better controlled and help the kennel stay comfortable year-round, even in hot or cold weather.

Reduced Mold and Mildew Growth

Certain health problems that are caused by mildew and other bacterial growth in the kennel can affect dogs. Keeping the kennel well-ventilated reduces humidity and condensation which can help prevent the growth of those bacteria.

Our Dog Kennel Ventilation Options

exhaust fan- dog kennel ventilation options

16″ Exhaust Fan

  • 110 V
  • Aluminum Gable Shutters
  • 1900 CFM
  • 1.35 AMPs
  • With percentage timer
ceiling fan - dog kennel ventilation options

Ceiling Fan

  • 110 V 56″ fan
  • Reversible
  • Various speed switch
  • 27,000 CFM
  • .83 AMPs
exhaust fan - dog kennel ventilation options

10″ Exhaust Fan

  • 12V
  • Aluminum Gable Shutters
  • 6.6 AMPs
  • With a digital programmable timer
gable vent - dog kennel ventilation

Gable Vent

  • With exterior shutters

Humidity Control Options

humidity control -dog kennel ventilation

Commercial Dehumidifier

  • Waykar 130 pint
  • 110V
  • With drain hose
humidity control - dog kennel ventilation

Ultrasonic Mist

  • Horticat U80 PRO
  • 110V
  • Direct connect water line with night modes
  • Humidistat and remote sensor

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