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Dog Kennels for Labradors

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Labrador dogs are popular dogs known to be friendly and quite outgoing. If you own a lab, you can probably attest to that. Finding a kennel for your labrador may be difficult, but we are here to help you find just the one you need. Let’s take a look at some factors you may want to consider when shopping for a dog kennel for labradors.

Our Dog Kennel for Labrador Choices

What Should I Look for in a Labrador Dog Kennel?


Labradors are known to be energetic dogs and can be quite boisterous and playful. It is important that you invest in a kennel that is durable and can withstand chewing and scratching. Flooring like composite decking on the run can be a great durable option for labrador dogs, and glassboard walls on the interior are nonporous and durable, as well as odor resistant. Both are durable options for a dog kennel for labradors.

Easy to Clean

Because labradors can be messy animals, it is wise to invest in a dog kennel that is easy to clean and stain-resistant. Consider a kennel with flooring that is resistant to stains and harsh chemicals and siding in the kennel that will be easy to wipe down. You also may want to consider an exterior wash-down floor in your dog kennel for labradors, which can help to take care of odors and waste in the kennel.


Labradors are considered to be large dogs, and for this reason, you will want to think about the size of your kennel, and what is comfortable for your dog. Be sure that your dog has a run where it can stretch its legs and a door that it can go through of its own will. Labradors do require some daily exercise, so don’t let a large dog house or dog kennel be a substitute for some exercise outdoors.

Best Kennel Sizes for Labradors

What size of dog kennel is appropriate for your dog kennel? A 10×10 is a good size for your labrador, as It gives them plenty of room to move around. The Dog Kennel Collection offers a variety of kennel sizes like our 4×8 residential kennel for one dog, or our 20×28 commercial kennel for 5 dogs. We have dog housing for up to 16 dogs. Whether you have one lab or 16 labs, we have the dog kennel you need.

Commonly Asked Questions about Dog Kennels

There are different options that could work for your kennel, but a chain link fence can be a good sturdy option that provides security and visibility into the kennel.

While Labs can stay in the kennel for a significant amount of time, be sure to remember that they are active and social dogs, and should be given some time to exercise outside the kennel.

Climate-Controlled Dog Kennels for Labradors

We know you care about your dog and want what’s best for it. Our dog kennels come with temperature-controlling options, like AC units, to keep your kennel cool in the summer, and heaters to keep your kennel warm in the winter. Check out all our climate control options!

Custom Dog Kennels for Labradors

If you are searching for a variety of ways you can customize your dog kennel for labradors, then check out our long list of options. Having a kennel that is suitable for your dog is our priority and we want to help you create that. Add lighting and electricity to your kennel for a more comfortable and well-lit kennel, or add aluminum cabinets in the interior for extra storage.

Choose the color and siding you want to match your property and add a hose in the interior for a cleaner and more sanitized kennel. The options are endless!

Our Dog Kennels for Labradors

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