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Kennels for Dogs: Pamper Your Dog with This Kennel

Myrna Kauffman - January 23, 2024

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If you’re like many dog owners who care deeply about their dogs, you’re facing a dilemma. You love your dogs too much to just leave them in the barn, out in the weather, or chained to a stake. But you’re having a hard time keeping your home from being overrun by your dogs. You dealing with dog hair, mud on the floor, and accidents. Crate training may seem like a lot of work too.

Maybe you realize it’s time to reclaim the space in your house but you feel like you don’t have a good alternative for your dogs. The good news is that getting your dog out of the house doesn’t need to be a bad experience for your dog if you provide the right insulated dog kennels and runs.

There are a variety of scenarios that could happen when you decide to move your dogs outside. If you simply provide a dog box then your dogs will not be protected from extreme temperatures. Your dog will need to be chained near the box unless you have a fence installed in your backyard. If your dog only has a fenced area then your dog won’t be protected from the weather. You need a solution that allows your dog to escape the extremes of the weather while still having some freedom to move around.

An uninsulated dog box can reach dangerously high temperatures in the hot summer sun. It will also not protect your dog from freezing in the winter. This is the reason that many dog lovers resist the idea of putting their dogs outside. But that doesn’t solve the issue of keeping your house clean and free from excessive wear and tear.

Let’s take a look at this kennel from The Dog Kennel Collection to discover how one Amish dog kennel builder addresses the needs of your dog. With this kennel, you can pamper your dog without sacrificing the cleanliness of your home.

Insulated Dog Box

One of the most important aspects of this kennel is that it has an insulated dog box. This allows you to control the interior temperature of the kennel for comfort in even the harshest weather conditions.

Epoxy Dog Kennel Floor

This kennel has an epoxy coating on the floor. This is a tough coating that is easy to clean and resists wear. You can add a dog bed to give your dog a comfortable spot to curl up and sleep.

Glass Board Kennel Interior

The interior of this kennel is lined with a glass board. This is a comfort feature because it assists you in keeping the kennel clean and free from odors. It also promotes a bright, well-lit interior during the daytime.

Poly Decking on Dog Kennel Run

The floor surface on the exterior includes poly decking right outside the dog door. This is a tough, slip-resistant decking that creates a comfortable surface for your dog to walk on. This decking won’t rot over time and is easy to clean.

Tenderfoot Kennel Run Wire

The other half of the exterior floor surface is made up of tenderfoot wire. This gives your dogs a spot to relieve themselves when you’re not available to take them on a walk. It is a specially designed wire for the comfort and safety of your dogs.

Dog Kennel Electrical Package

Another very important feature that allows you to pamper your dogs is an electrical package. This allows you to play music, use nightlights, use a heated bed, and many other options that make your dog feel at home.

Stainless Steel Dog Feeder Bowls

These dog kennels come equipped with stainless steel feeder bowls. These bowls are easy to clean which means your dog’s food and water will be cleaner and fresher.

Kennel Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan in this kennel allows you to keep fresh air moving through the kennel on beautiful spring and fall days. It reduces cooling costs in the summer and reduces odors which contributes to the overall appeal of the dog kennel interior. 

Dog Kennel Heater / AC Unit

A heater and AC unit are some of the most important climate control components in this kennel for pampering your dog. Whether you have a large dog kennel or a small one, you’ll be able to keep the interior of the kennel at comfortable room temperature all year round.

Comfort for You and Your Dog

With our large dog kennels for outside, you’ll be able to provide a home for your dog outside of your own home that you can feel good about. Now your home can be clean and you can reclaim your space for friends and family to enjoy. Download our catalog or find a dealer near you to get started designing the outdoor dog kennel that you’ve been looking for. 

P.S. All of the features listed and many more are also available in our professional dog kennels. Download our commercial catalog to learn more.