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Keep Your Dog Safe this Christmas

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christmas safety tips for dogs

39 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe this Christmas

Christmas is a fun time for you and your family, but for your furry friend, this is the time with a lot of temptations around. He is filled with curiosity; the unfamiliar scents of people visiting your home and new things lying around, the enticing shiny decorations, a lot of sweets and candies that he can access while you are blissfully ignorant about his escapades. 

Ultimately you realize something is wrong when he starts feeling sick or when a conspicuous accident around the house that involves your dog grabs your attention. The things you have been thinking are harmless can really cause a lot of harm to your dog whether it’s the mistletoe, a piece of chocolate, or a tinsel decoration!

We have listed out 39 important tips that will give you information as to what is harmful to your dog so that you can avert any major pet accidents this Christmas. Our motto is to help dog parents to have a wonderful and safe Christmas this year without any mishaps or misfortunes touching you or your dog.

Please go through this detailed infographic from TopDogTips which will guide you to avoid usage of certain things that can prevent dog accidents. Both you and your dog can enjoy the holidays in a fun and jolly way as the season intends. 

christmas safety tips for dogs

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe- Decor and Decorations

How to Keep Your Dog Safe Tip 1

Avoid using candles – If you want to keep your dog safe, use flameless LED candles instead. Lit candles can easily be knocked over by pets causing burns or fires.

Tip 2

Don’t use holly, poinsettia, or mistletoe – These are all poisonous to your if ingested. It’s safest to stick with artificial plants instead.

Tip 3

Anchor your Christmas tree – Anchor your Christmas tree securely so your pup doesn’t have access to it.

Tip 4

Get a faux tree – An artificial tree is much safer for your dog.

Tip 5

Don’t decorate the bottom part of the tree – This will prevent your dog from being enticed by easy to reach lights or decorations.

Tip 6

Avoid silver icicle strands or tinsel – Dogs are attracted to playing with and eating it, but it can cause vomiting and obstructions.

Tip 7

No glass ornaments – When ornaments fall or break, your dog can easily eat the pieces of them.

Tip 8

Block off the Christmas tree – If you want to keep your dog safe from the Christmas tree, consider blocking it off by using a pet gate.

Tip 9 On How To Keep Your Dog Safe

No edible decorations – Edible decorations like popcorn garlands encourage dogs to jump and climb to get tasty snacks.

Tip 10

Be careful about water in the tree stand – The water in your Christmas tree stand is stagnant and it can contain bacteria.

Tip 11

Keep wiring and extension cards out of reach – Pups can get tangled in wiring or bite into wires and pull items off.

Tip 12

Don’t overwhelm your dog with festive decorations – Too many loud and obnoxious decorations can put your dog on edge.

Tip 13

Keep wrapped gifts and wrapping paper out of reach – Wrapping paper can attract dogs and when eaten it can cause blockages and stomach upset.