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Best Dog Kennel Features

Cindy Peachey - January 31, 2024

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best dog kennel features

Do you want to keep your outside dog safe? Maybe you don’t want them to break out of their kennel and go to your neighbor’s yard to dig. Either way, a heavy-duty outside dog kennel is the key to erasing your worries. First, let’s define different terms used for dog enclosures.

Dog Pen. A dog pen is a wire enclosure to confine your dog while away. A dog pen is larger than a dog crate. Some dog pens come with a roof; however, a dog pen is not designed for long-term use. There are indoor and outdoor dog pen options.

Dog Kennel. An outdoor dog kennel is a dog house and dog run combined and is superior to a dog pen. A dog kennel gives your dog a weather-tight and safe home from the weather and an exercise area.

Best Dog Kennel Flooring

So what flooring is the best for a dog kennel? Dogs can escape by digging under the dog pen. A good dog kennel floor will prevent your dog from escaping, prevent odors, and be comfortable for your dog’s feet. Here are some of the best dog kennel flooring options.

Best Kennel Run Materials

Dogs usually escape by chewing weak connectors, working the latch, or just brute force.

The best dog kennel panels will depend on your dog’s breed and size. Here are some of the best options.

Best Dog Kennel Features

Your dog deserves a good home. Well, you have options! Here are some of the best dog kennel features.

Best Dog Kennels for Sale in PA

What is the best dog kennel for sale in Pennsylvania? Again it depends on your needs. Here are the best dog kennels available for each industry. Each of these kennels is equipped with a quality dog kennel roof to offer protection to your dogs.

Best Dog Kennel for Homeowners

Our elite homeowner kennels feature our ultimate trim package for a beautiful dog kennel design. This elite series features all the bells and whistles for your dog to thrive! These custom dog kennels come with a chew-proof door, chainlink dividers, an insulated dog box, and more to keep your dog comfortable. Find a dealer nearby!

Best Dog Kennel for Vets

Our commercial dog kennels are what you need! Our larger dog kennels will give your practice the necessary and comfortable working space. Equip with climate controls to keep you and your patients at ease. If you are a vet, you will need to keep your patients overnight at some point.

Best Dog Kennel for Breeders

Delivering puppies has a unique set of requirements. A dog breeder will need a larger space for work and whelping equipment to keep the puppies safe. Our commercial dog kennels have all the required features and space! Choose a large kennel with the necessary whelping tools for your breeding business today.

Best Dog Kennel for Trainers

Are you a dog trainer? You are responsible for your client’s dog training and the dog’s wellbeing!

The best dog kennel size depends on the scale of your business. With our commercial dog kennel series, you can choose a large or small kennel without compromising on premium features. Take better care of your client’s dog with a commercial kennel today!

Best Dog Kennel for Shelters

Unfortunately, animal abuse still happens. Thankfully, people care and dog shelters provide these abused animals with a new life. Abused dogs can be more aggressive and need space for them to recuperate. Our commercial dog kennels give rescued dogs a comfortable place to heal. If Equipped with dividers, a commercial kennel will prevent aggressive dogs from trying to attack each other. Our commercial kennels are precisely what an animal rescue needs!

Best Dog Kennel for Groomers

You need a workspace for your clients and a comfortable living area as a dog groomer. A commercial kennel equipped with climate control, washrooms, electricity, and more provides the ultimate dog grooming experience. Upgrade your grooming business with a commercial kennel today!

Best Dog Kennel for Boarders

When a client leaves their dog with you, your responsibility starts. As a boarder, the cleanliness of your kennel and its features will either gain or lose clients. Your dog kennel should have all the comfort of the dog’s home. Our commercial kennels have the features you need as a boarder! Customize with epoxy or poly urea floors for easy cleaning and climate control features, and your business will flourish.

How to Buy a Dog Kennel

Are you ready to purchase the best dog kennel available? We got you covered! The Amish in Lancaster county manufacture all our kennels, which are sold through our extensive dealer network. Just visit our dealer locator, punch in your zip code and contact your nearest dealer. What if you are interested but not ready to buy? Download a free catalog! With this catalog, you can pick a kennel you like and order in the future. Get a dog mansion today!