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Caring for your dogs is hard work. A quality dog kennel along with the right advice can help to make your job easier. We’re here to help you find the dog kennel ideas and dog care advice that you need to be successful.

How Much Dog Boarding Costs?

Are you a dog owner going on vacation, then you must find a place for your dogs to stay while you are out of town. Dog boarding kennels are an alternative for your dog when you are away on holiday. Dog boarding kennels are an alternative for your dog when you are away on holiday. Dog boarding kennels make your life way more manageable in terms of security and easiness of your pooch. All types of dogs, regardless of their age, breed, and kind, love dog kennels.

How To Start A Dog Kennel For Breeding?

Breeders should start by designing and developing a kennel tailored to the needs of the dog they are producing, from puppy to adult. A dog owner or professional breeder should also consider how the kennel will affect their dogs’ health, behavior, and happiness. Illness, behavioral issues, harsh circumstances, and costly corrections can all result from poorly built kennels.

The ultimate guide to making sure your dog kennel for breeding is safe and healthy, in this article we talked about the important factors of dog breeding that you should know before you start breeding.

20×60 Dog Kennel

Are you looking for a space that will protect your dogs and give you peace of mind when you’re not around? Then you should consider investing in a 20×60 dog kennel with 12-runs. Our 20×60 dog kennels are equipped with separate runs for twelve dogs.

Top 10 Foods Dogs Should Not Eat

As dog lovers and dog owners, we tend to love sharing our house, family, and food with our dogs. And It’s very common that dog owners want to spoil their dogs by sharing their food and snacks. We often make the mistake of thinking food that is okay for me is also okay for my dog, right? Not necessarily, some human foods can be very dangerous to your dog’s health. Dogs digest differently than humans do, and eating the wrong food can cause health problems in the long run and even the worst can lead to death. We’ve put together a list of 10 common foods dogs should not eat that are fine for humans to eat but are very dangerous for dogs.

10 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Warm: A Cold Weather Guide

We’ve created a tip list for how to keep your dog warm this winter. There are some things that as a dog owner, you should be aware of. Here’s a few things that we’ll cover: knowing when it is too cold for your dog, how to protect your dogs paws, why you don’t want your dog sleeping outside in the cold, and many more common questions about caring for your dogs during the winter.

How Big Should a Dog Kennel Be?

A dog kennel should be big enough for your dog to stand up straight, sit, lay down, turn around, and stretch comfortably. Your dog will not feel confined if they have room to move about without bumping into the sides. Also, the top should be high enough that the dog’s head (and tail) should not be able to touch it standing up.

Dog Kennel Prices Explained

Homeowner Dog kennel prices can vary anywhere from $1,743 to $7,747. Commercial Dog Kennels cost anywhere from $11,900 up to $61,950 and more upon custom building requests. The dog kennel prices depend on the size, the number of runs included, features and options included and the shipping and handling to get the building to your home or place of business.

9 Tips To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer Heat

We know the most important thing to a pet owner is the health of their furry best friend. We want to provide tips for our visitors to help better take care of their dogs. In this article, we will discuss ways to prevent your dog from having a heat stroke, but also educate you on the signs of heat-related sicknesses.

How To Get Your Dog To Stop Barking

Expecting a dog to not bark is like expecting a child to never talk. Some dogs do bark excessively and that could be a problem especially when your neighbors start complaining. If this is a problem in your home, then the first step is to figure out what causes your dog to bark.