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Dog Kennels for Veterinarians

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dog kennels for veterinarians

Dog Kennels For Veterinarians

Are you running out of space at your veterinarian’s office? Are you wanting to expand your business by hiring more staff and recruiting more customers? One way to expand could be to turn your dog holding kennels into the workspace and to move your dog kennels outside.

dog kennels for veterinarians

Our dog kennels for veterinarians are perfectly suited for this scenario. Our kennels are housed in a stand-alone building that can be delivered and moved to your exact location. All of our kennels can be equipped with water hookups and electricity as you need requires. We can customize your kennel to meet the demands of your situation.

If you need a holding kennel for your clinic we offer kennels that are ideal for that situation. Kennels come in a variety of sizes that can house anywhere from one to more than a dozen dogs. We offer features that make our kennels for vets easy to clean and maintain so that you spend less time cleaning between dogs. A system for climate control is available so that your clients don’t need to be afraid to leave their beloved dogs in your care.

Or maybe you’re just getting started as a vet? We can design our kennels with a spacious workspace that would allow you to perform your veterinarian work and keep your dogs in the same building. Bring your ideas, and we’ll help you design a kennel that meets your needs.

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