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Lighting and Power Options Create a Functional and Well Lit Kennel

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It isn’t much fun working in a dark kennel. The Dog Kennel Collection offers lighting and power options for your dog kennel. Take a look at our electrical package or make your dog kennel environmentally friendly with a solar system!

Benefits of Good Lighting and Power Options in Your Dog Kennel

Safety and Security

Good lighting in the kennel can help to keep the kennel secure and enhance safety for both the dogs and the caregivers. Well-lit areas reduce the risk of accidents and make it easier to monitor the dogs’ behavior.

Heating and Cooling

Adding power to your dog kennel means that you can heat and cool the kennel easily. This is important for the colder and hotter months, and these features help to keep the kennel regulated.

Fire Safety

By adding power to your kennel you can improve the safety of your kennel. Having power in your kennel can support the use of safety measures like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and keep your dogs safe in the event of a fire.

Lighting and Power Options

lighting and power options- flood lights

Flood Lights

  • Exterior double bulb lights
lighting and power options- vanity light

Vanity Light

  • Triple bulb
lighting and power options- solar system

Solar System

  • Size according to your needs
lighting and power options- run lights

Run Lights

  • On exterior
lighting and power options- entrance lights

Entrance Lights

  • On exterior

Electrical Package


  • 1 Light
  • 1 Receptacle
  • 1 Light Switch
  • Electrical Box

More lights and receptacles can be added.

12 Volt Light Package


  • 1 Light
  • 1 Light Switch

More lights can be added.

Looking for More Dog Kennel Options?

Aluminum Cabinets

Find the storage space you need with our aluminum cabinets. Create a dog kennel that is attractive and organized.

Whelping Options

Whelping Pad Option in a Commercial Dog Kennel

Our whelping options like our whelping nests and beds are designed to give your dogs a comfortable and safe whelping experience.

Ventilation and Humidity

A stuffy kennel is an unhealthy kennel. Check out our dog kennel ventilation options and be sure your dogs have clean air and a healthy home to live in.