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Indoor v. Outdoor: When to Buy an Outdoor Dog Kennel

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Dogs have traditionally been considered a part of the outdoors. With a thick fur coat and ample body heat, they have been well equipped to thrive in a variety of outdoor environments. But recent trends have pointed to a change in our perception of how a dog should live and be treated. Many dogs are now considered to be a part of the family and given a space inside the house. This brings with it its own set of unique challenges. Will your dog take up residence in your house or will you provide a comfortable space in an outdoor dog kennel?

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether your dog should live indoors or outdoors including the following:

  • The size and breed of your dog

    • Some dogs just seem to be better suited for an outdoor environment. A dog that is very active and has a thick fur coat may be uncomfortable in a warm indoor setting. On the other hand, a small cuddly dog may need a little more protection in an indoor environment. If keeping your dog indoors is not a good option, just remember that even a small cuddly dog can be comfortable outside in a climate-controlled outdoor dog kennel.

  • Your neighbors

    • Do you have a good relationship with your neighbors? In some cases, a barking dog may be a source of tension between neighbors. If you choose to keep your dog outdoors, making sure that your dog is comfortable and happy in a puppy kennel may be a way to avoid excessive barking.

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  • The size of your backyard

    • If you live in an apartment building keeping your dog outside may not even be an option. But if you have plenty of space your dog should be able to run free at times and get lots of exercise. If you are away from home for hours at a time an Amish dog kennel can give your dog the option of taking shelter as needed while also allowing your dog to get more exercise.

  • How serious you are about potty training

    • One of the biggest challenges if you decide to keep your dog indoors is potty training. If that looks like a significant challenge you could hire outside help or you may opt to keep your dog outside. Keeping your dog in an outdoor dog kennel is a good way to eliminate the need for that challenging potty training phase. If you decide to go with an outdoor dog kennel, make sure you look for one with features that make cleaning easy, especially if you're caring for multiple dogs in a commercial dog kennel

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  • Whether or not you’re sensitive to hair and allergies

    • For some people, keeping a dog inside is not an option because of allergic reactions to dog hair and odors. But that doesn’t mean owning a dog is not an option. Even for smaller dogs, a climate-controlled insulated dog kennel gives you the option of caring for your dog well while also keeping the hair and allergies out of the house.

Ultimately the decision to keep your dog indoors or outdoors is yours to make. What will be the best arrangement for you, the rest of your family, and your dog? It’s very likely that your dog feels like a part of your family. Therefore you’ll want to do what’s best for your dog. Whether indoors or in a large dog kennel for outside, keeping your dog happy and healthy is possible and important.

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